August 25, 2014

Morgan Taylor- Going Native [Swatch]

Here is Morgan Taylor- Going Native from the recent Summer 2014 Island Treasures collection.

I've never tried Morgan Taylor polish until now, but I recently got a couple off of Amazon for a very reasonable price.  The Island Treasures collection, especially, really called to me- you know how I can't resist pretty cremes!

Going Native is a soft, muted seafoam creme/ crelly. I think in most light it can be classified safely as a (blue-leaning) faded green, but there are definitely blue undertones. It's bright, yet soft at the same time- beautiful!

It fits right in with the China Glaze- For Audrey family, and I would've included it in that comparison if I'd had it then! I can tell you that I do not have an exact dupe for it, even amongst all those similar bluish greens in the comparison. Going Native is darker and greener than China Glaze- For Audrey, and much darker and bluer than Essie- Turquoise & Caicos. Plus, it has that squishy crelly factor.

Artificial light, two coats:

Outside, shade:

Formula: It is a bit sheer, but oh man- it glides on effortlessly, and self-levels. The consistency and opacity level put this one securely in the crelly finish category.  It will bubble if you use coats that are too thick, so beware.  Otherwise, the formula is great! Oh yea, and it also sets quickly.

What say you?
Have you guys tried any Morgan Taylor polish before?


  1. Its a gorgeous color! I haven't tried anything from Morgan Taylor but I want to.

  2. So far, I am impressed with the brand!