January 24, 2014

Formula X for Sephora- Crash [Swatch]

I'm happy to share another Formula X for Sephora polish with you today! I've been itching to wear this one since I got it last month.

This polish is a glitter topper from their Xplosives Top Coats line.  I previously swatched another Xplosives polish, Demolition.

Formula X for Sephora- Crash is a mix of variously-sized, hexagonal, electric aqua blue glitter in a clear base.

Artificial light, 1.5 coats dabbed on over LVX- Cashmere:

I chose to show Crash layered as a glitter gradient, from the cuticle down.

It's a very vibrant light blue- almost neon. I love this so much that I am actually tempted to buy a back-up, which never happens to me.  Ahhhh!

Window-filtered daylight:

Formula: It's well suspended in the base, and I didn't have to fish for the bigger glitters.  The density is just right for layering!  It may appear as though the biggest hex glitters are curling, but they are completely flat. My nail beds are just pretty curved.