January 29, 2014

Mail-time: A Few Formula X Liquid Crystals!

Mail-time! What did you find, Ham-the-dog?

It's from Sephora! Yay!

"Is there something in this for me??"


Some free samples:

I hardly ever wear fragrance (and don't own a full size perfume of any sort), but I love collecting the sample vials- I can't explain it! So, I always choose those! I think the moisturizer was an extra sample they threw in...

This envelope...

...seems to be full of sample fragrance cards:

More importantly:

I snagged this Dior mascara for free using one of the Sephora coupon codes that was floating around:

I've never tried any Dior products, let alone mascara, so I am pretty interested to see how this is.


I picked up three of the Formula X for Sephora Liquid Crystals polishes- all in various blueish shades- as well as Illamasqua- Alarm, because...if I'm shopping at Sephora, I might as well beef up my Illa collection. Or at least that's my logic.

left to right: Formula X- Beacon, Photoelectric, Moon Glow

As far as I can tell, these are all glassfleck finishes with slight douchrome tendencies. Just from swatching them on swatch sticks, I can tell you that the levels of pigmentation vary between them, with Moon Glow being quite sheer (maybe for layering), and Beacon being opaque in two coats..

Illamasqua- Alarm:

I've put off purchasing this since I was afraid it was too similar to OPI- Red My Fortune Cookie and OPI- A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find, which I both own. It turns out the hue falls right in between both of those too, so win!

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