May 14, 2015

Bright Creamsicle Watermarble with Indigo Bananas Neon, the 10th Element Polishes! [Nail Art]

Hey everyone! Welcome to a super rare Thursday post! I wanted to quickly get this nail art up on the blog, since I've already shown it on Instagram!

Indigo Bananas Neon, the 10th Element polishes

This is a watermarble design that I added on top of my initial swatch skittle for these Indigo Bananas neon cremes:

Here is the original post if you want to see more photos of the plain skittle, bottle shots, as well as read about my take on the formulas!

So this watermarble is pretty simple. I used each respective Indigo Bananas neon plus Zoya- Purity, alternating, to make the bullseye for each nail. So, for instance, the index nail's bullseye was just Sulfur Green-Purity-Sulfur Green-Purity- ect.

These polishes spread out in the water very well! They did bleed into the white a little bit, but I really like the result. The middle nail, especially, reminds me of creamsicles!

Outside, shade:

Up close:

The green nail looks like an actual..marble to me:

I really enjoyed these nails, but I was only able to wear them for one day, since the swatching must go on! #nailbloggerproblems

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.


  1. These are fun! Totally reminds me of a creamiscle that i want to eat one now ;)

  2. Reminds me of some marbles I had when I was a kid, they had these white swirls in them... :D

  3. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, this is amazing!!

  4. Yes! That's what I thought of too! <3

  5. Aw, haha, thanks Jessica! I'm still learning, but was pleased with these! :)