May 11, 2015

Indigo Bananas Neon, the 10th Element Polishes [Swatch] [Review]

Hey guys! To start off the week, I've got some new polish from one of my favorite indies,  Indigo Bananas, to share with you! This post will just have bottle shots to oogle as well as quick nail swatches- skittle style!

The collection is called Neon, the 10th Element, and it released just this past Saturday, May 9th! There are nine new neon cremes as well as two flakie toppers (one holographic), and one linear holographic creme. Today, I'll be showing you five of the new neons! If you didn't notice, this collection is in homage to The Fifth Element, and I have to admit that I re-watched the movie as I was playing around with these!

If you're in the mood for super bright, eye-searing Summer neon goodness, stay tuned.

Here are the five I was sent:

L to R: (C) Carbon Dallas; (Zn) Zinc Industries; (Ne) Neon, the 10th Element; (Li) LiLoo; (S) Sulfur Green

This sampling from the collection makes me pretty happy! So bright! Check out the names! (Also did you notice how cute the labels are??) Carbon Dallas is probably my favorite and the funniest pun. 

A quick swatch- skittle:

All have three coats except for Zinc Industries (Purple) and Carbon Dallas (blue), which have just two. This is also their natural satin-matte finish, sans top coat. (They do dry quickly, so it wasn't painful to forgo quick-dry top coat!)

Better look at Carbon Dallas:

Let's talk formulas! 

These have some of the easiest neon formulas I've worked with, rivaling a couple of Illamasqua (rubber finish) neons that come to mind off-hand. (I might actually do a comparison post with some of those, as there are probably near-dupes!)

The most opaque here for me were Carbon Dallas and Zinc Industries. Zinc Industries in particular had an excellent, easy formula. You wouldn't even know it was a neon. Carbon Dallas was similar.

The namesake polish, Neon the 10th Element (pink), was equally amazing in texture, but slightly sheerer. Some people will be able to get away with two coats for that one, depending on nail line darkness/ nail length. (My nail line is just darker than average since my nailbeds are short from two decades of biting! Eeek!)

The two brightest, Sulfur Green and LiLoo, required three coats for me to both build up opacity and obscure streaks. Perhaps with a more careful application of the orange, LiLoo, you might be able to do two coats, but I think the easiest thing is three thinner ones.  Those two polishes also had formulas that were slightly less self-leveling, but you can tell from the photos that they did level out. That said, they played nicer than other neons I have of similar color and brightness!

Overall, I'm pretty thrilled with these! They are easy to work with and satisfyingly bright- especially Sulfur Green and LiLoo, which are probably my two faves! The more I look at the pink, Neon, the 10th Element, the more I love it, though! I don't have another pink neon quite like it. I think these colors are especially conducive to nail art, and I have to mention that, yes, they do watermarble wonderfully!

I already have some watermarble nail art using these up on my Instagram if your curiosity is piqued! A blog post with additional images for that is to follow!

Neon, the 10th Element | $7.25-12.00 |

What do you think?
Which is your favorite here?

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.


  1. Fun skittle here! Such bright colors.

  2. So fun! I have sooo many ideas for nail art and sooooo little time, haha!