May 31, 2015

Kickass Manicures of the Month [Feature] [Nail Art]

Whoa, where did May go?! I can't believe it's already the 31st! That means, though, that it's time for the second installment of Kickass Manicures of the Month!

There were just a ton of awesome manicures to choose from this month, so it was a tricky task to curate- and, you may have seen some of these before since most of them were pretty popular...due to sheer awesomness!

If you missed the inaugural, April edition of Kickass Manicures, it is here.

Let's take a look! Don't forget to follow the links back to the original posts and tell these ladies how rockin' their nails look! In no particular order:

Sparkly Rainbow with OPI Color Paints by Blingfinger

By now, I've seen a lot of OPI Color Paints manicures, but this one really takes the cake and shows how versatile those polishes are! We've got bling, bright rainbow goodness, and just WOW- I don't know! I love how Petra used the jelly quality of these polishes to blend an easy but stunning gradient. And, the polishes underneath really make the final effect look crazy good!

Color Block Spring Nails by Cubbiful

I'm a long time fan of Cubbiful's work, but this manicure is just so clean and graphic and perfect! I love that she used striping tape instead of just white negative space to delineate the color blocking. So good! The green (Kiko- Acid Green) is the perfect pop of color too!

Holo Lightning Bolt Gradient by More Nail Polish

These holo lightning bolts contrasting with the bright pastel gradients had me staring slack-jawed the moment I first saw this manicure! I wish I'd had this idea! Everything about this is perfect: her lightnings bolts are crisp, the placement is precise, and the gradients are uniform. Just hnnng! This is a perfect Summer manicure!

Neon Mandala Reverse Stamping by Tales of Coffee, Lacquer and Beauty

This manicure makes me want to master reverse stamping! It's just incredibly pretty, from the color choices to the actual placement of the decals on the nails! Such nail skillz happening here! (I've chosen the matte version to share.) In addition to all that, her base polish choice is so expertly-chosen! (Pahlish- Billy Bones) It's neutral enough to provide a clean background for the bright mandalas without clashing, but still has little flecks to provide visual texture.

Summer Aztec Gradient by Coewless Nail Polish Blog

First of all, the gradient behind the Aztec design is flawless. Let's just take a moment! Eva has a separate post here showing just the gradient, if you're interested in seeing it alone. Did I mention that the black Aztec design is not stamping? It's all hand-painted. I mean, that's just crazy to me! So pretty! (There is also a video tutorial for this manicure.)

That's it!

Did you guys have any favorite nail art this month?


  1. I love the holo lightning! And ofc. Coewless is amazing as always :D

  2. I have no idea how I missed those holo lightning bolts but GAH they are amazing!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me! I'm honored to have place with these awesome nail artists!

  4. Thank you so much for the feature and the kind words! It's a huge honor to be featured with such talented ladies ❤