November 3, 2016

Zoya Enchanted for Winter/ Holiday 2016 [Swatch][Review] & [Comparison]

Hey everybody! Super exciting swatch post today! I'm so happy to be able to share the Zoya Enchanted collection for Winter/ Holiday 2016! I've put together some comparisons at the end too!

This set has four new PixieDusts with a sparkly, matte textured finish, and two shades described by Zoya as "flip" colors, which basically have shimmer so intense it causes a duochrome effect.

(for additional bottle shot goodness, visit the Mail-time post.)

Let's get started!

First, here is the lovely Zoya- Saint [artificial light, two coats]:

Saint is described as a "whimsical color-flip metallic with a periwinkle base and magenta shift." I think that's fairly accurate, except maybe the shimmer is more aqua-to-warm purple, as opposed to magenta. The warm purple/pink in the shimmer is definitely the predominant shift color.

This shade is very pretty, and unexpected for Fall! Love!

Formula: It's got a medium-thin consistency, but is very smooth and easy to work with. (I didn't have trouble with it running away into cuticles.) The pigmentation level is medium, I'd say. Some people will have good coverage of the nail line in two coats, and some people will prefer three, maybe thinner, coats. It just depends on application style. Overall, very nice formula!

Next up is the other "flip" shade, Zoya- Olivera [artificial light, two coats]:

Olivera is described as a "spellbinding color-flip metallic with an indigo base and a green and purple shift." For me, in person, the central color in this duochrome is a bit greener than what promo images show. The base does seem to be indigo-ish, and it's that color-shifting green-to-aqua/purple shimmer that accounts for the difference.

This is so deep and vampy, and way more gorgeous on nails than in the bottle! It's very beetle-reminiscent, and is definitely more of an active duochrome or "flip," if you will, than Saint! Super interesting!

Formula: It's excellent! It's insanely pigmented and basically opaque in one coat, but also has a slightly thicker texture than Saint. It's still not thick, just more of a straight medium viscosity, and very easy to use: self-levels and all that jazz! A+!

Now, here's the first of the four new PixieDusts, Zoya- Elphie [artificial light, two coats]:

Elphie is a saturated emerald green with the textured PixieDust finish. This green is neither super warm-toned or super cool-toned (but leans cool), so I think it will look nice on most skin tones. It's also very Christmas-y! (Is Elphie really a name??)

On the right side above, you can see how these look glossy with top coat. They are very thirsty, so be prepared for multiple topcoat layers, and use something thick. For Elphie's swatch above, I only used 1 coat of Glisten & Glow- HK Girl, but for the rest of the swatches, I added another layer of top coat.

Formula: It has a medium consistency, and goes on very smoothly like most other PixieDusts I've tried. It dries down quickly too, and is easily opaque in two coats!

Next, Zoya- Waverly [artificial light, two coats]:

Waverly is a rich, deep blue PixieDust. It's not a navy, and it's not too cyan based- somewhere in the middle. Gorgeous!  There is even a little, tiny amount of color-shift to purple right at the edges, more noticeable in the bottle than on the nail, but it's there. It makes the color look more luxe and saturated!

Formula: It's very similar to Elphie in every way. Very nice, opaque in two coats with quick dry-down!

Here's the stunning Zoya- Alice [artificial light, two coats]:

Alice is described as a "captivating periwinkle with magenta and blue sparkles..." I agree with all of those things! Unlike the other PixieDusts here, there are contrasting blue and magenta microglitters mixed in. Pretty! I love this color!

Formula: It's maybe slightly sheerer than the previous two PixieDusts, but not super sheer by any means. It's smooth and easy to apply, dries down quickly, and is opaque in two coats. Nice!

Finally, a PixieDust great for Fall, Zoya- Lorna [artificial light, two coats]:

Lorna is a saturated, warm purple-toned berry PixieDust. In some light this looks like a cooler crimson, and other times it's deep berry. Very beautiful, luxurious color!

Formula: It's the same as the three other PixieDusts described above! Easy to work with, very nice!

Now, time for some Comparisons!

To start, I'll show you the two non-PixieDust colors. First, the periwinkle-ishness group with Zoya- Saint:

This particular color family never photographs correctly to the digital sensor, so a lot of color-correction in post is always involved. I've done my best!

I had nothing exactly like Saint; you can see that Savvy Naturalista- Blue This Way is the most similar, but the finishes are very different, especially in person. Blue This Way has shimmer that's chunkier (but it's not quite microglitter). The famous Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Pacific Blue (that's the original version) is a bit bluer than the rest. Smitten Polish- You Saucy Minx has a base that's quite a bit darker- it's a little washed out in the photo- and the shimmer is both more intense and a different color than what's in Saint.

Here are some relatives of Zoya- Olivera:

None of the others here really have the shiftiness of Olivera. Essie- Dive Bar also has very dense shimmer, but it's not shifty and also quite a bit bluer. Cirque Colors- Epoch is just slightly shifty, but it's also bluer and the shimmer is not as fine-milled. The other colors are mostly there to show the type of green that's at the center of Olivera's shift: that lovely blue-undertoned emerald.

Now, onto some textures!

From that viewing distance, the Enchanted PixieDusts look very comparable to the original PixieDusts released in 2013. They feel identical on the nail to me. The Seashells PixieDust polishes (bottom right corner) are the next closest in texture, and are just slightly coarser with some tiny hex glitters thrown in. (Actually, Zoya-Linds, the red Seashells PixieDust is the outlier in that collection, lacking the slightly larger hexes, and is closer to the original, subtler texture.) Every other PixieDust here is coarser.

The "Other Brands" in the top right corner are Essie- Lots of Luxe (blue), L'Oreal- Sexy In Sequins (purple grey, and Illamasqua- Fire Rose (pink). Lots of Luxe looks similar to the finer-textured PixieDusts, but it does feel a little grittier and scratchier.

Here's a macro of two Enchanted Pixies with two Original PixieDusts:

^That red is actually Zoya- China (seen below, too) (Chita is a green PixieDust), lol. AND, that is actually Zoya- Nyx, not London. (See them side-by-side in previous photo.) I was a bit fatigued when I did the labeling on these photos!

Can you tell that they are basically the same coarseness as the originals?? They really do feel the same to me, and the only difference is that some (but not all) of the very original PixieDusts have silver (or at least much lighter) microglitter to offset the base colors (see Nyx labeled London). All of the new Enchanted PixieDusts employ sort of tone-on-tone microglitters to offset base color with the exception of Alice which actually has both bluer-lavender and pink instead.

I do tend to prefer the original PixieDusts formulations with the silver. To me, they catch the light more and are more sparkly! It may just be personal preference though.

(There are a couple older Seashells/ PixieDust comparison photos here too, if you're into that.)

Now for some color comparisons with the new PixieDusts! Here's Zoya-Lorna:

I have no textured polish or PixieDust like Lorna! Zoya- Noir is the closest, but of course it has hex glitter, and is really a much different textured finish.

Zoya- Elphie:

Next to Zoya- Chita, you can see what I mean about the silver microglitter in the original PixieDusts vs the tone-on-tone lighter green that's going on in Elphie. It gives the polish a different look! Either way, Chita and Elphie aren't dupes- Elphie is more saturated and blue-toned.

I saw someone mention Elphie as possibly the PixieDust version of Zoya- Merida from the recent Urban Grunge set, so I threw that in just to compare the color! I think they're similar, but Merida is darker, more vibrant, and a bit more blue-toned in person! Zoya- Honor is a Matte Velvet, and the two are similar, but not color dupes.

Here's Zoya- Waverly and company:

Essie- Lots of Luxe is the closest in color, but still more cyan-based, and I think you can see there that it's a bit grittier too.

I've got no textures at all like Zoya- Alice, so no comparisons for that one! I hope these visuals have helped! There really is nothing like holding them in your hand though in terms of anticipating how they'll feel and look on the nail!

Overall, I have to say that I love this collection! It's super exciting to get new PixieDusts from Zoya that are so faithful to the originals in texture! It's really what I've wanted since the original 2013 PixieDusts happened. And, color-wise, this whole collection thrills me, basically. There's definitely a holiday vibe happening, but it's not so literal (red, green, silver- ect.). I love the inclusion of the periwinkle tones! Those, to me, are so fun in a season of saturated darks! They're also very Wintry if you think about it.

My least favorite here is Elphie, but that's just because I don't prefer saturated greens like this on my nails (only dingy and weird greens please!). I know Elphie will be others' fave, though! My favorites? Everything else! (In all seriousness, if I had to pick, Olivera and Alice are standouts for me!)

Formulas are great across the board here, so not much to say about that! 

What do you think?
Have you picked up any of these Enchanted shades?

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