October 7, 2016

Potion Polish Hoodies & Hayrides Polishes for Fall 2016 [Swatch] & [Review]

Hey everyone! How are you?

Today I've got a few shades from the Potion Polish Hoodies & Hayrides Collection for Fall 2016 to share with you! This collection releases today, October 7th at 1pm EDT on potionpolish.com. This is a seven piece collection with varying finishes, and today I'll be showing you three!

L to R: First Frost, Harvest Moon, Costume Party

Now doesn't that get you in the mood for Fall?! Ready to take a look?

First, here's Potion Polish- Costume Party, [artificial light, two coats]:

Costume Party is a polish that's back from last year! It's a "witchy black jelly with purple shimmer and a pinch of lime-gold holo glitter."

This is perfect for Halloween, and is indeed very witchy! I love how the holo glitter is sparse and twinkly in combination with the fine-milled purple shimmer. Just pretty! In low-lighting, you see the the holo glitter sparkling, and in very direct or intense light, you get the purple shimmer. (For me, that purple shimmer is much more prominent in the bottle than on the nail.)

Formula: It's on the thicker side, and the texture is the slightest bit sticky, but still applies well despite that. You have ample time to paint each layer, but you don't have time to dip back in and then do extra strokes- you'll probably get dragging. The second coat feels much creamier, and is easily opaque! Overall, not amazing, but not bad at all either!

Next, this is Potion Polish- First Frost, [artificial light, two coats]:

First Frost is a "warm grey crelly with red/copper duochrome shimmer." For me, the base of this grey is on the neutral-cool side (which I love), and shimmer is pretty shifty, which I think you can see in photos. It's sort of orangey-copper to magenta to, sometimes, a warm type of purple at oblique angles.

I sort of gasped when I first put this shade on! It's very lovely, and right up my alley! The shimmer is very noticeable, too!

Formula: It's on the thicker side, but not overly so. It has a very creamy formula and luxurious brush-feel! It's also very pigmented and easily opaque in two coats. Just lovely! A+!

Finally, here's Potion Polish- Harvest Moon, [artificial light, two coats]:

Harvest Moon is a "chameleon chrome that shifts between red, copper, gold and olive and is packed with gold holo microglitter." I think that's about right!

This is beautiful and the multichrome is definitely noticeable in person, but I'd say the prominent color is that middle deep red-magenta. The holo microglitter in this shade really sparkles!

Formula: It's nice! It has a medium-thick consistency and is fairly pigmented as well. Paints over nail easily and is opaque in two coats!

Overall, these are pretty, no? The other shades in the collection look amazing too, and overall it seems like an interesting but cohesive take on Fall tones! Of these three I especially love First Frost and Harvest Moon! I wore each of those for about two days, and both wore well, and were just lovely! Costume Party is vampy and sexy, but black shimmery shades are not typically my cup of tea, so I'm not surprised it's not a fave! Plus, I wish the purple shimmer would've stood out a little more.

Formula-wise, Harvest Moon was great, First Frost was perfect (for me), and Costume Party was tricky at first, but was redeemed by the second coat (texturally), and overall was good! 

If I had to pick, I think First Frost is my must-have favorite from the three, just because it's a twist on grey I don't think I already own!

Potion Polish | $10- 11.50 | Available 10.7, 1pm EDT

What do you think?
Which of these three shades is your favorite for Fall?


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