October 18, 2016

Mail-time: Zoya Enchanted Collection for Winter/ Holiday 2016!

Howdy guys! Welcome to an evening post! I'd intended for this Mail-time to go up this morning, but lately I'm just not all about that staying-up-way-too-late life, so I had to post-pone a while. I hope you understand!

This is a Mail-time featuring Zoya's new collection for Winter/ Holiday 2016 called Enchanted! These polishes are already available on zoya.com!

Here's Ham-the-dog, who does not care about nail polish, and could not be bothered to get up for this photo session!

Wake up, dude! 

Oh, you arranged the polishes so carefully? Let me just roll over now:

A snaggletooth sighting!

I think he really likes this one, called Alice:

Good dog.

Ready to gaze upon some loveliness?!

This collection has four new PixieDust textured/ matte polishes, and two "flip" colors, which are like shimmery duochrome-esque shades. (Those two have the shiny, non-matte caps.)

L to R: Lorna, Alice, Saint, Waverly, Elphie, Olivera

I'm a bit in love with this color palette!

A little bit-o-macro for you!







Um, yes. That's all I can say!

I'm not quite done swatching these, but I can tell you that all are gorgeous, and the four PixieDusts are very close to the OG-PixieDust formula and texture! How exciting is that?

Stay tuned for swatches- probably early next week!

Zoya | $10 | Available now

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