October 11, 2016

Born Pretty Store Rhinestone Studded Holo Tape Nails [Review] & [Nail Art]

Hey nail friends! How are you?

Today I have some Born Pretty Store products to review for you! Born Pretty Store was kind enough to allow me to choose a few items to test out, and so I've done a nail design with a couple of them. The third item is a manicure clean-up brush, which I'll tell you all about!

By the way, you can use coupon code HFX31 to get 10% off of all regularly-priced items from Born Pretty Store!

So, here are the goodies in question:

  1. Nail Art Brush Flat Drawing Brush This tiny brush is listed as a nail art brush, but I think it's gonna be good for cuticle cleanup, so I'll review it that way.

  2. Holographic Nail Foils Starry Sky Glitter Foils Nail Art Transfer Sticker Paper This is a roll of holo foil or "sticky" paper in the #43 version, which is vertical holographic stripes. 

  3. 200Pcs Silver Bling Mixed Rhinestones Bowknot Flower Stars Rhinestones These are silver holographic rhinestones in a variety of shapes!

Here is how the manicure turned out:

So, I attempted to do some "shatter" nails, since I love the look, and I thought this holo foil tape would be perfect for it. Let's just say I was wrong! I love the way the rhinestones have a studded look, and especially like how the middle nail turned out!

By the way, the base color for this manicure is Picture Polish- Meow, a gorgeous blogger collaboration shade from the very talented nata3110nata! This polish is a creamy, amazing two-coater with the famous Picture Polish holo finish, and I could not love the color more!

Let's talk about some of these nail art items, then! First, the rhinestones:

They come in your normal wheel with different shapes sorted into different chambers. There are supposedly 200 pieces total, but I haven't counted them. This collage shows you some of my favorite shapes in the wheel, though!

For my nails, I chose to go with the teardrop shapes as well as the small squares, seen above. I think those two shapes are my favorites in the wheel, but there are also stars, flowers, bows, and tiny circles. There are two chambers full of each shape, so there should be around 33 of each shape if I've done my arithmetic correctly. These rhinestones are very lovely and holographic when the light hits them! Pretty pleased with them overall!

Next, here's the holo nail foil tape:

This is actually quite a long and wide piece of nail foil tape, although I didn't measure it exactly. It's hard to photograph the holo quality of it since the tape is transparent. I wasn't overwhelmed by the holo- it definitely takes strong direct lighting to show it off!

So, I wanted to cut this tape up into shards or tiny triangles to simulate glass shards, but the process did not go as expected! Although I tried to handle the tape/ foil very minimally, I could see it transferring the holo off onto my fingers! So, by the time my little pieces were ready to be applied to the nail, I don't think they were as holographic as they could've been.

Now, maybe I've used this product incorrectly! It does say "transfer sticker paper" in the name. I tried to use it like a regular nail foil, but maybe there is some other method. (Transferring the holo with water like a temporary tattoo??) If you know, let me in on the secret!

So, overall that foil/ transfer sticker tape did not work out for me. In macro photos the shards look like they are flying off the nail, but it didn't look that in person.

As you can see the tape has almost no holo effect left. I'd say there was more visible in person than in photos, but it was still very disappointing. Lame!

Finally, onto the nail art/ cleanup brush!

Now this brush I quite like. It is very tiny, and the square tip took some getting used to. But, if you turn it sideways when cleaning up the cuticle area with acetone, it works so nicely to sweep around the area!

Lately, I've been using a very large, comparatively, round-tipped cleanup brush I got off Amazon, and I think my cuticle spaces between polish and skin have been too big as a result! This brush was a nice change once I got used to it! You can be very precise, which helps keep that "gap" smaller! I really like it, and I'm going to keep using it! (It also has a nice little tube to protect it when not in use!)

I didn't use it for any detail painting, but I imagine it would be fine for whatever you'd use a flat-tipped brush like this for?

One other nice thing is that the opposite end has a beveled edge for cuticle-pushing:

Good to have handy.

And, that's it! Don't forget to use code HFX31 for a 10% discount if you find yourself shopping at Born Pretty Store!

What do you think?
Have you used this kind of holo transfer tape before?

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