October 4, 2016

ALIQUID Lacquer Dog Ate My Homework LE for Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! [Swatch][Nail Art]

Hey everyone! I've got a special Limited Edition charity polish to share today: the annual Adopt A Shelter Dog Month (October!) shade from ALIQUID Lacquer!

I'm a huge dog rescue/ adoption advocate, so I get very excited when this time of year rolls around and I get to show you a beautiful shade that will directly benefit our canine friends! Alison always hits it out of the park, by the way! Here are the previous years' Adopt A Shelter Dog Month polishes: 2015, 2014 . (Check out 2014's polish post for my personal & professional soapboxing about rescue dogs, and a bit about pit bulls specifically!)

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! For the third year in a row, we're celebrating by selling a limited edition charity polish to benefit the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In the past two years, we collected almost $700, and we're hoping this year's event will be the best one yet! This time, we're excited to team up with TwinkledT, who are huge dog lovers too!

During the month of October only, you can get our LE polish, Dog Ate My Homework, as well as a sheet of dog-themed nail vinyls from TwinkledT for just $13! We'll donate $6 from each sale to the ASPCA. We're aiming to collect $500, but we can only do it with your help!

Onto this year's polish!

ALIQUID Lacquer - Dog Ate My Homework [artificial light, three coats]:

Dog Ate My Homework is a berry-tinted jelly base filled with holographic and iridescent microglitter, gold flakies, and blue glass fleck shimmer.

This is a kind of pink that can look purple-toned or sometimes more magenta based, depending on how light is interacting with the contained particles. I think it's very pretty- very squishy and sparkly in person! The blue glass fleck really catches the light in person and is pretty prominent. The gold flake is just amazing too- my favorite!

(The middle nail base color for this manicure is Orly- Rage, and was also used for the thumb nail stencil.)

Formula: It's got a jelly base, so coverage comes from the microglitter and other particles. This means it's sheerer, but the particles are fairly dense in the base, so it's still easily buildable. Even so, you'll probably need three coats for good coverage of the nail line. It is very light-catching and reflective, so two coats is definitely wearable, especially for a "squishier" look. Texture-wise, it's great! The base carries all the particles well, and it distributes over the nail smoothly. No complaints!

With the purchase of Dog Ate My Homework, you'll also receive this sheet of TwinkledT Dog Variety Vinyls: A sheet of 24 decals and 24 stencils in lots of cute designs, perfect for dog-themed nail art!

These are the type of nail vinyl decals that can also be used as stencils with their negative space outlines, which is what I've done for this manicure. It was my first time trying TwinkledT, actually, and I did really love the stencils/ decals! They have a great texture and stickiness that gives perfect adherence to the base to create crisp outlines, and yet they're not so sticky that they'll pull up a dry base layer. Probably my favorite stencils I've ever tried in that regard, actually!

I think this heart-shaped paw print is one of the cutest designs on the sheet!

I sponged Dog Ate My Homework into that stencil, but if you use a metallic or creme shade, you'll get a more defined/ obvious shape.

On the thumb, I tried out this cute Lab-giving-paw shape using Orly- Rage:

So that's the super cute stencils! I think the polish is pretty fabulous, too! I've been wearing it for a couple of days now, and I'm really admiring the chunkier gold flake. So pretty, and has a lot of depth!

ALIQUID Lacquer | $13 | Available now, October ONLY

What do you think of this shade?
Tell me all about your rescued pets!

PS: This polish supports a cause we can all feel great about- this good dog is a fabulous adopted shelter dog!

 About the cause:
About 3.9 million dogs enter U.S. shelters every year, and 1.2 million dogs are euthanized (800,000 of them pit bulls and pit bull mixes like our dog Trudy). Adopt a Shelter Dog Month seeks to call attention to the plight of these animals and to encourage people to adopt dogs rather than going to a breeder. No matter your preferences, you're bound to find a rescue dog that fits perfectly into your home! Click here to read all about pet adoption!

The vision of the ASPCA is "a humane community in which all animals are treated with respect and kindness." Donations to the ASPCA support a variety of causes, including:

•Grants to shelters nationwide
•Spay/neuter and microchipping programs
•Adoption, fostering and relocation programs
•Investigation and seizure of abused animals
•Lobbying for anti-cruelty legislation

TwinkledT shop: https://www.twinkledt.com/

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