September 13, 2016

Mail-time: ILNP Fall 2016 Collections!

Oh yeah, that's right! A late night Tuesday post!

This time, I have some delicious bottle shots to share with you- specifically, the ILNP Fall 2016 Collections! Yay!

Here's Ham-the-dog:

^This is a typical Ham face when you unveil a baby carrot. It's also my face when I saw these insane polishes!

I think he was trying to tell me to paint his nails! This shot was actually not posed. I think he had offered a "high-five" and then his foot landed back on the bottles, and he was just puzzled. Haha!

Onto the Fall 2016 collections!

This time, there are two collections: the 7-piece Fall 2016 Collection (top), containing various finishes, and the 6-piece Neutrals Collection (bottom), containing chic, subdued neutrals- all holographic!

Out of their boxes (this is the best moment for me!):

Ah! So good!

Let's take a peek at the Neutrals first:

L to R: Industrial Park, La Catedral, Alexander, Central Station, Chleo, Elle

Time for some macro!

Well, those just look scrumptious!

Now, let's check out the Fall 2016 Collection!

L to R: Clever Girl, Extra Credit, Chocolate Slate, Mon Amour, Sitting Fireside, Highline, The Harpist

Macro goodness!

Well, I think these bottles speak for themselves! Love!

The pre-order period begins this Friday, Sept. 16th at  Each shade will be USD $9 instead of $10. Hooray!

I've already swatched the Neutrals (and they are lovely), and am hoping to have those swatches also go up Friday!

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