September 8, 2016

Live Love Polish: Starrily Neutrino & Damsel [Swatch] & [Review]

Hey nail friends! How are you? It feels nice to post on Thursday! (What is with this hot, hot weather??)

Today, I'm happy to announce a collaboration with online store Live Love Polish! Basically, I've become a Live Love Polish affiliate, which means that any purchases made through my affiliate links found on Polish Hound (or other social media!) will earn me a small commission of the sale. This doesn't affect the sale or purchaser in any way, but it does help to support Polish Hound. Yay! (Affiliate links and press samples will be disclosed (see bottom of post), and as always my reviews remain honest and impartial!)

I'm very excited about this collaboration because it means I'll get to swatch and share lots of new-to-me brands- like Starrily, the one I'm about to show you! Live Love Polish carries a lot of excellent indie nail polish brands, many of which I've tried and loved, and many I haven't seen in person yet! (There's also free shipping on US orders over $39, which is sweet!)

Now are you excited to see some Starrily polishes?!

First of all, since this is my very first experience with Starrily, I want to show you guys the packaging, because it's pretty much out of this world!

I just think the attention to detail is insane! From the font choices, to the holographic side panel, to the holo stars on the inside lid flap, and then the star and unicorn cut-outs, everything is super nicely designed! Just, yum!

Plus, Starrily has left you a little place to swatch the color on the top of the box, in case you like to keep your polishes organized inside their original boxes. Handy!

Okay! Ready to see some swatches?!

First, let's take a look at Starrily- Neutrino, artificial light, two coats:

Neutrino is a black creme base filled with hexagonal, silver holographic glitters. It may be a little hard to tell from my photos, but this isn't a pitch black type of black. In fact, I think it leans a little warm.

As you can see, the glitter in this shade is on the sparser side, which may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it does make the polish unique! Very twinkly! (The macro does exaggerate the space between glitters, by the way.)

Formula: It's on the thicker side, viscosity-wise, and also a little bit stickier than my personal preference. However, it's still somehow fairly easy to apply, and I didn't have any real issues. Opaque in two coats! It definitely drinks up top coat, so use a nice thick one like Gelous or HK Girl. I used one coat of each, and was happy with the finish.

Now, here is the gorgeous Starrily- Damsel, artificial light, two coats:

Damsel is a clear base filled with dense, lavender hex holographic glitters. Very pretty, very holographic!

Formula: It's easy to control, and the base suspends the glitter nicely. It's not too viscous or sticky, but this is a glitter polish that applies better by a combination of normal strokes and dabbing to fill in less dense areas.

All coverage in this polish comes from the glitter since the base is clear, and you can see that I didn't do an awesome job on a couple nails. (You couldn't see those spots with the naked eye!) I used two thicker coats for my swatches, plus dabbing in sparser places. This polish applies nicely, once you know what to do! (You could also sponge it on, which would build opacity pretty quickly with this one.)

Since I think this polish would also be nice for layering, I quickly applied one coat over a few different colors to give you some ideas!

From left to right, those polishes are: Essie- Coat Couture, Essie- Nothing Else Metals, Essie- Play Date, China Glaze- I Got A Blue Attitude, Orly- Liquid Vinyl, & OPI- Alpine Snow.

I think my favorites here are the layering over pure white (Alpine Snow) and over the China Glaze which coordinates with the glitters well!

Starrily- Neutrino  | $13
Starrily- Damsel    | $13

What do you think?
Have you tried Starrily?
Which is your favorite shade here?

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