September 20, 2016

ILNP Neutrals Collection for Fall 2016 [Swatch] & [Review]

Hello! Guess what? I have one half of ILNP's Fall 2016 offering to share with you today! These are the Neutrals, a set of 6 chic neutral shades- all with holographic finishes. Mmmm, yes please.

(For more bottle-shot goodness + a dose of Hambone, view the Mail-time post, here.)

Ready to take a look?

First up, here is ILNP- Elle, [three coats, artificial light]:

Elle is a soft, neutral-toned nude holographic with fine-milled bronze shimmers. This color is hard to describe! It's a bit "sandy," but sometimes looks rosier and sometimes looks more light-brownish fawn color, depending on lighting. (I thought it was warm-toned in comparison to the next one, Chleo, at first, but it's actually just pretty neutral, I think!) Delicate!

On me, I think it's a little too  tone-on-tone to be super flattering, but this will vary for everyone!

Formula: It's pretty sheer since the base is jellyish, but it applies smoothly and easily, self-leveling. (The first coat is not streaky, just sheer.) For me, two coats still had pretty apparent visible nail line, but my nail beds are shorter than average, and that affects how much light shines from underneath/  transparency. I preferred this one at three coats, but it's a delicate look at two, if you can pull it off! Nice texture, though!

Next, here's is ILNP- Chleo, [three coats, artificial light]:

Chleo is a soft, rosy mauve holographic with ultra-fine bronze shimmers. This is a mauve that leans to the more purple side, as opposed to pink. Just cooler-toned! I think it's lovely!

Formula: Like Elle, it's sheer, but the texture is also so smooth- very easy to control. Dry-down is very quick, and the second coat has slight visible nail line- I would say it's about 90% opaque on me. I think many people will decide to wear this one at two coats, but I loved the color, so wanted to see it closer to opacity at three. Great easy-textured formula, though!

Now here is ILNP- Central Station, [two coats, artificial light]:

Central Station is a mid-tone taupe holographic with lots of bronze shimmer. This taupe has definite cool, purple undertones, and is a very interesting balance between grey and brown. Love!

Formula: It's on the sheerer side, but buildable, and the texture is creamy and smooth! Easy to work with, and opaque in two coats!

These also dry-down pretty quickly; I actually banged a nail pretty hard into the corner of a table ~three minutes after the second coat, but before top coat (klutz, ahoy!), and there was NO mark. Amazing!

Next, ILNP- Alexander, [two coats, artificial light]:

Alexander is an olive-toned taupe holographic with a lot of grey in it too. Sometimes this is more greeny-grey, and sometimes it's sort of a deep brownish taupe bordering on warm grey. Hard to describe!

Formula: It's nice! Creamy, self-leveling, easy to apply. It's maybe more pigmented than some of the others, but very hard to say if it's a trick of the color or something. Either way, it builds to easy opacity in two creamy coats!

Next, here is ILNP- La Catedral, [two coats, artificial light]:

La Catedral is a medium charcoal grey holographic with fine bronze shimmer. At closer inspection, this is more cool-toned than neutral, I think. I definitely get a hint of blue or purple undertones at times. Very sophisticated color!

Formula: It's got a medium viscosity, and is maybe a bit on the sheer side, but does build extremely well. It applies nicely, and the second coat clings well to the first, feeling so buttery! Opaque in two coats!

Finally,  possibly the most intriguing in the set, ILNP- Industrial Park, [two coats, artificial light]:

Industrial Park is a slate, blue-grey holographic filled with fine golden-bronze shimmer. This bluish gray has more purple undertones than cyan. Perfect for cool undertoned skin!

Formula: It's basically identical in pigmentation and performance to La Catedral. Easy to work with, opaque in two coats! Very nice!

I also thought it'd be beneficial to see these shades all together in one shot, so:

L to R: Industrial Park, La Catedral, Alexander, Central Station, Chleo, Elle

Hopefully, that'll give you some idea of the differences between them as well as the warm or cool undertones! Everything here has been meticulously color-corrected, and I really try to represent colors as they're normally seen in person!

Overall, this collection is lovely and chic! I love neutral nails, and I love the little twist that ILNP's holographic formula brings to the theme! I think there's a shade here that will flatter everyone, and in fact, most of them will look great on most skin tones, I'd think. Even the olive-undertoned Alexander didn't look unflattering on me, and I have very cool-toned skin. Magic! Color-wise, my favorites are easily Central Station and Industrial Park (I love slate colors!), but Chleo was super nice looking on my hands in person too..

As far as formulas go, all have excellent textures, dry down fast, and are easy to work with as per usual. On me, Elle and Chleo needed three coats for opacity, while the others were easily opaque in two. Those two seem to have bases that are slightly more jellyish.

ILNP | $9/ea until 9.23 | Available now

What do you think?
Will you be scooping any of these up during the pre-order?

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