September 27, 2016

Different Dimension Chicago LE Shades & PolishCon Exclusive [Swatch][Review]

Hey guys! Today I have some more Different Dimension to show you! Get excited!

These polishes are a Limited Edition Chicago-themed duo that released alongside the Wanderlust Fall 2016 collection last Friday. There is also a PolishCon exclusive shade.

L to R: Whachu Talkin' 'Bout Willis, Lincoln Park Before Dark, Bean There, Done That

They look yummy, no? Let's get started!

First, here is Different Dimension- Bean There, Done That, [artificial light/ two coats]:

Bean There, Done That is a silver holographic with holo microflakies as well as color-shifting shimmers that look sort of green-aqua. The shimmer is very present, and so most of the time this polish has an overall greenish-cast. Very unique!

Formula: It's nice! It's on the medium-thick side as far as silver holos go, and also pretty pigmented. I had good opacity in two easy coats, no problem!

I wanted to sneak in a couple night photos of Cloud Gate, AKA the "bean," that I've taken!

Chicago Kidney
project 52, week 7

If you're ever in Chicago, Cloud Gate is very much worth a visit- it's very cool in person!

Onto the next shade!

This is Different Dimension- Lincoln Park Before Dark, [artificial light/ two coats]:

Lincoln Park Before Dark is a deep plum holographic with color-shifting microglitters and flakies. I would say this is more of a cool-toned purple than a warm one, although does sort of straddle that line. It's vampy and mysterious!

Formula: It's got a medium viscosity, and paints over nail well. Very pigmented too! I would say if you wait too long, or paint over the same areas with too many strokes, it could potentially be possible to get dragging with this, but you'd have to be super slow, I think. I found the texture to be overall quite workable. Opaque in two easy coats!

The base does dry down slightly recessed from the microglitters, so you will want to add a nice topcoat. 

Finally, here's the PolishCon exclusive, Different Dimension- Whachu Talkin' 'Bout Willis, [artificial light/ two coats]:

Whachu Talkin' 'Bout Willis is a rich, garnet linear holographic with color-shifting microglitters and copper microglitters.  This is so insanely gorgeous, and easily my favorite! (Also, PSA: the Willis Tower will never not be the Sears Tower.)

Formula: It has a medium-thick consistency, and is pigmented, creamy, and easy to use! Also very nearly opaque in one coat! It darkens a little after the second coat, and is perfectly opaque. Like Lincoln Park Before Dark, the base also dries down recessed from the microglitter, so top coat is important. Very excellent formula on this one!

Overall, these are fabulous holos with great formulas! I appreciate the additions of the various microglitters, and especially the color-shifting shimmer in Bean There, Done That. That adds a little unique edge to keep things fresh! Not much else to say!

Different Dimension | $12

What do you think?

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