April 8, 2016

Polished by KPT Photoelectric Collection [Swatch] & [Review]

Howdy everyone! Happy Friday!

Today I have swatches to share of the upcoming Polished by KPT Photoelectric collection which releases next Saturday, April 16th!

For more bottle shots & mail-time, please refer to this post.

Ready to get right into it?

First, here is Polished by KPT- Shine Light My Way:

Shine Light My Way is a soft, warm-toned rose jelly base filled with prominent gold shimmer as well as silver micro-holo flakes and micro gold holo glitters.

Artificial light, three coats:

And, some different lighting to set off the holo:

^Look at that gold microflake in there! Yum!

Formula: It's texture is jellyish with a medium viscosity that's easy to apply: smooth, self-leveling, and not too sticky or runny. Nice texture overall! It's on the sheerer side since the base is a jelly (that's to be expected). I needed three coats for opacity.

The next closest in tone is Polished by KPT- Metastable:

Metastable is a magenta jelly base filled silver micro holo glitter, micro holo flakies, and a hint of gold shimmer. It looks fairly similar to Shine Light My Way in the bottle, but on the nail the two are pretty different.

Artificial light, three coats:

Holo goodness:

Because it lacks the micro gold holo glitters that Shine Light My Way has, the gold flash is not as prominent here as in the previous shade. But, overall it's way more flattering on my cool skin!

Formula: It's extremely similar to Shine Light My Way texturally, but is maybe a tiny bit less sheer due to being a slightly darker shade. I think many people will be able to wear this one at two coats with slight, almost-unnoticeable VNL, but I used three coats to hold up to the high intensity lighting photography conditions. Nice overall!

Next, a beautiful purple, Polished by KPT- Ready for Emission:

Ready for Emission is a slightly warm-toned lavender jelly base filled with silver micro holo glitters, micro holo flakies, and the same micro holo gold glitters that Shine Light My Way has.

Artificial light, three coats:

So sparkly!

Formula: It's the same easy texture as the others- opaque in three easy coats!

Now, a blue, Polished by KPT- No Resistance:

No Resistance is a medium, neutral-toned blue jelly base filled with silver micro holo glitters, silver holo flakies, and micro dark blue holo glitters.

Artificial light, three coats:

Holo goodness:

Definitely an enticing blue!

Formula: It's essentially the same as the previous three- almost opaque at two coats for me, but not quite. Very easy texture to manipulate though, and lovely to use.

Last, here is Polished by KPT- Return to Ground State:

Return to Ground State is a lighter, warm-toned green jelly base filled with silver micro holo glitters, gold micro holo glitters, as well as silver holographic flakies.

Artificial light, three coats:

This is more of a grassier type of green, but it's not too yellow-based. Although it did kind of give me lobster hands in photos, it didn't in person, so I think it's fairly forgiving as far as skin tone goes.


Like Shine Light My Way and Ready For Emission, this one also has the micro gold holo glitters, giving it a wonderful gold flash that I think comes through better in person than in my photos, unfortunately.

Formula: Very nice: easy to manipulate, builds well, opaque in three coats (almost there in two)!

Overall, this is a really well-curated set of lovely shades with a very interesting, unifying finish! The finish is really pretty in all kinds of different lighting, and in person the gold shimmer is a bit more prominent than in my photos. (I think in photos it gets lost amid the holo rainbows a little. But so nice in person!) I love how the color palette is a tiny rainbow too.

Easily my favorite here is Ready For Emission- it's just such a pretty kind of purple! And, I'm definitely drawn more to the three containing the micro gold holo shimmer: Shine Light My Way, Ready for Emission, & Return To Ground State.

The formulas were sheer (care must be taken to wrap nail tips during each coat), but very easy to work with. They self-level, build surprisingly well for jelly bases, and are just very easy to apply!

Available April 16th | $12 | polishedbykpt.com

What do you think?
Which shade here is your favorite?

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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