April 5, 2016

Mail-time: Polished by KPT Photoelectric Collection!

Hey nail friends! How are you?

Today, Ham and I have a super fun mail-time to share: the upcoming Polished by KPT Photoelectric Collection! This is a small set of five colorful shades with a unique finish.

Here's Mister Dog:

What do you have there, Ham?

Just give me carrots, lady. (I did.)

I mean, how can you resist that^? It's plain to see he only cares about food!

Let's take a look at the collection!

I'm still in love with KPT's clean, minimal packaging. ...Ah, so nice.

Out of their boxes:

L to R: Shine Light My Way, Metastable, Ready For Emission, No Resistance, Return to Ground State

The finish of these shades is pretty cool! There's scattered holo in a jelly base, but also gold shimmer and silver and gold micro holo glitters and micro flakes.

More zoom! Ready For Emission:

No Resistance, Return to Ground State:

Ready for Emission:

No Resistance:

Shine Light My Way, Metastable:

Don't they all look beautiful?

Katherine was also kind enough to send me a new Polished by KPT hand care product to try:

These are new Loose Manicure Fizzy Tubes, and they currently come in the three scents you see above: Soothing Botanical, Rose, and Lavender. They're a play on mani-bombs, and are meant for soaking and moisturizing the hands and cuticles. They contain a lot of nice oils!

(And how cute are the labels?!)

Below you can see a fizzy tube with my hand for scale- there's a good amount of product in there! (3oz)

(wearing Shine Light My Way in this photo)

And, as you can see in the background, they each have protection seals which is just so nice to have- especially from an indie company!

I'm planning on a separate mini-review of these fizzy tubes in a little while, so stay tuned for that! I can tell you that I've already popped open the Soothing Botanical variety to give it a sniff since I was so curious! (I already know I'll enjoy Lavender and Rose.) It's really nice- a very relaxing fragrance! It reminds me of those aromatherapy packs that you can heat or freeze...the way those smell. Do you know what I'm talking about?! It also reminds me a little of fennel, although there is no actual fennel in there. Either way, it's a super pleasant, soothing scent!

The polishes release April 16th, but these fizzy tubes are available now: Polished by KPT.com

Hopefully, I'll have Photoelectric swatches up Friday! (If not, Monday, but I'm planning for Friday- it depends how much I can get done tomorrow!) Stay tuned, and have a great week! :)

*Disclosure: polishes/products in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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