April 18, 2016

Femme Fatale Sunrise Funfair Stamping [Nail Art] [Swatch]

Hey everyone! How was your weekend?
Today, I just have a swatch/ simple nail art look featuring Femme Fatale- Sunrise Funfair from the recently released After-Light Gala collection for Spring 2016.

Sunrise Funfair is pink-salmon creme base filled with dense green-yellow shimmer. The shimmer is really present and gives the whole polish a sort of orangey-creamsicle effect. Very pretty!

Here is the whole nail look:

Just some simple stamping- nothing too complicated here! The stamp is from my favorite stamping plate ever (still), MoYou London- Tropical 05, and the white polish I stamped with is OPI- Alpine Snow. I have ten or eleven stamping plates from MoYou now, and I keep coming back to Tropical 05. Really don't know what it is about that plate, but it's great!

You can see that, up close, the stamping is not super perfect, but it was the first time I've stamped with Alpine Snow, and to be quite honest it looked pretty great at normal viewing distances, so I was pretty happy!

What do you think?
Have you tried any other shades from the After-Light Gala collection?

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