April 29, 2016

Delush Polish High & Mightea Collection Polishes [Swatch] & [Review]

Hey guys! Aren't you glad it's Friday? I know I am!

Today I have three gorgeous Spring shades from indie brand Delush Polish to share with you! Delush recently released the High & Mightea Collection,  a set of fourteen shades (7 crelly/glitters & 7 shimmers) that take inspiration from the British tradition of high tea. Today I have three of them to show you in detail!

This post will be a hybrid mail-time/ swatch post! I shot the "mail-time" when Ham was quite sleepy, and he didn't really want to participate. Can you tell?

Oh well! I tried some other things instead:

I was tempted to paint his nails, actually! 

Let's take a closer look at these pretty polishes!

L to R: All Or Muffin At All, All You Knead Is Love, Love At First Bite

Aren't these all sorts of lovely? Are you ready to see them on the nail?

First here is the lovely Delush Polish- All Or Muffin At All:

(Um, can we talk about these names? They are impossibly adorable! Love!)

All Or Muffin At All is a white creamy crelly base filled with two shades of blue medium hex glitter as well as sparser large (blue) holo circle glitters. There is also a smattering of tiny little dark blue glitters.

Artificial light, three coats:

This is a really clean and refreshing color palette for Spring! I loved it more than I thought I would once I got it on my nails.

Up close:

Formula: The creme base carries the glitter nicely while still being very workable, self-leveling, and not overly thick.  The larger circle glitters which appear in my swatches came out on the brush naturally and weren't fished out, so it seems like there are plenty in the bottle! I used three thin coats to build opacity and gain depth with the glitter. I think this is totally wearable at two though- it's about 90% opaque at two coats.

Next up, here's Delush Polish- Love At First Bite:

Love At First Bite is a warm-toned (red-based) plum base filled with dense, coppery, yellow and gold shimmer. (Or is it gold-to-yellow shifting? It's hard to say!) Very pretty, and kind of a luxurious color!

Artificial light, two coats:

Due to the density of the shimmer (hnnnng!), this shade has a very prominent gold/ coppery flash; so, it photographs much cooler than it appears to the naked eye because of the way light reflection plays with the camera. (It picks up the purple of the base color more.) So, these have all been color-corrected, but prepare yourself for a slightly warmer-feeling (and more beautiful!) shade in person!

Up close:

Formula: It's super creamy, smooth, and more pigmented than expected! This is easily opaque in two coats for me, and just pretty much perfect! A+, not much else to say!

Last, here's Delush Polish- All You Knead Is Love:

(Another adorably humorous pun!)

All You Knead Is Love is a green-leaning aqua creme base filled with fuchsia and soft red (holo) hexagonal glitters, as well as medium fuchsia circle glitters and sparser large holographic fuchsia circles.

Artificial light, two coats:

Up close:

Formula: It's really nice! Pretty similar to All Or Muffin At All: the base is creamy with a medium consistency, carrying the glitter well, and it's easy to spread over the nail. I only used two coats for swatches since it was ~95% opaque then. You could certainly add another layer no problem, but I thought it looked very pretty as it was!

Overall, I love all three of these! They are so fresh and feminine for Spring, and I actually can't decide on a favorite! I thought it was going to be All You Knead Is Love, but All Or Muffin At All just made my hands look so nice! And, of course, I can never resist a sumptuous, dense shimmer like Love At First Bite!

Formula-wise, all were pretty excellent, and I have no complaints! The two crelly/ glitters have a base that is closer to being a creme than a real crelly, and the texture was just superb. Both can be worn at either two or three coats depending on polishing style and desired look. (You can see I tried out Muffin at three coats and All You Knead Is Love at two.)

TL;DR: I love all three of these!

Available Now: delushpolish.com | $8.95- 9.75

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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