December 16, 2015

Swatch Spam + Temporary Hiatus

Hey guys! How is everyone?

Today I have my first ever Swatch Spam post for you, as well as a bit of an announcement!

First, the news: I'll be taking a hiatus from Polish Hound temporarily. For those who don't write or maintain a blog, especially one that's photo-based, it's incredibly time-consuming, and I'm sure I put in over 35 hours/ week when I'm able to post three times during that week. I know some of you will be very familiar with this!

Well, anyway, I'm anticipating some major life changes which will require all of my time and energy! Right now, I think the hiatus will probably last a couple of months, but we'll see! I do intend to return to swatching and blogging when I can. I do love it!

During this time, I'm also hoping to get back into non-nail photography a bit. Some of you may or may not know that I've done professional wedding/event photography in the past, but I'm also hugely into night time long-exposure photography, although that's always been more of a hobby! I'm thinking that photographing fewer nails will give me more time to shoot other things! If you're interested in seeing some of my work, I have a semi-current Flickr account, and also a portfolio which sorely needs updating.

In the meantime, you can keep up with me (and Hambone) on our Instagram, where I'll still be posting occasionally. I will probably post sporadic nail swatches/ arts there too during my time away, as I'll still be painting my nails, of course! (Although I'm technically done swatching at the moment, I've already found myself taking photos of a recently-worn shade, as it was just too awesome not to share!)

Now, want to see some miscellaneous swatches I've accumulated but not had a chance to post?! Be prepared for a variety of nail lengths/ shapes, and swatch posing, because some of these are pretty old!

A skittelette:

The two middle nails here are Essie- Hors D'oeuvres, and the index and pinkie nails have Illamasqua- Hemlock layered in/under chevrons with Illamasqua- Jan (I think! It's been a while.)

Zoya- Vespa:

Femme Fatale- Mirror, Mirror On The Wall:

Femme Fatale- Glass Coffin:

The above is actually Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall layered over Glass Coffin from the Snow White collection. I can't remember which chevron guides I used for this. Loved that combo though!

Here's another from the Snow White collection, Femme Fatale- Bodice Lace, w/ the same accent:

Black Dahlia Lacquer- Olaf's Snowflowers:

I loved how that^ polish looked, but it was more chunky than I'm normally comfortable with on the nail!

Finally, Picture Polish- Moscow in the sun:

That's it!

I hope everyone has very Happy Holidays; and, for those who read, comment, and chat with me about polish- thank you so much! Hope to be back soon! :)

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