December 4, 2015

Mail-time: Polished by KPT Cosmic XOdus Part II Collection

Hey guys! Happy Friday!

Today, Ham and I have an amazing Mail-time + bottle shots to share: the Polished by KPT Cosmic XOdus Part II Collection!

So, Hambone, what do you have there?

He really just wanted his carrots!

Let's take a look at this collection!

There are eight polishes total, including one holo glitter/ flakie topper.

Out of their lovely white boxes:

The Cosmic XOdus Part II Collection includes a bunch of different chromatic shifting shimmer polishes, as well as three thermal shades.

A little closer!

Gaia & Show Me Polaris:

Electro-Magnetic & Quantum:

Sol & Zero Gravity:

Snow On Saturn & Dancing Around Jupiter:

Aren't these lovely?! I cannot wait to show you swatches, and I'm particularly excited for the thermals!

(If you want to check out my favorite swatches of Cosmic XOdus Part One, see Lacquerstyle's amazing swatches here!)

Polished by KPT | Available 12.12 | $9-12

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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