November 25, 2015

ILNP Winter 2015 Collection [Swatch] [Review] & [Comparison]

Hey guys and happy Wednesday!

I hope everyone is gearing up for an awesome and relaxing Holiday weekend! My secret is that I've got today off as well...but I have a dentist appointment, so it's not all fun and games around here. Ah!! :(

At any rate, I have some very gorgeous polishes to share with you today: the ILNP Winter 2015 collection! If you missed the other half of ILNP's Winter offering, the Holiday 2015 set of Precious Metals, it is here.

Well, let's take a look!

First, I'll show you the most anticipated polish of both collections, ILNP- Juliette:

Juliette is a pink-leaning rose gold with the holo metallic silver flake Precious Metals finish.

Artificial light, two coats:


More direct lighting to show the holo!

Ugh, I mean, it's really lovely! I've actually worn this as a full manicure on both hands for the last couple of days and I'm so happy every time I look at my hands! Rose gold is my favorite, and it's so nice to have a version in the Precious Metals finish. Just love!

Formula: It's great like all of the other Precious Metals! Goes on easily and smoothly, and is opaque in two coats- wouldn't change anything about it!

Next, here is ILNP- Showtime:

Showtime is a saturated red-based purple raspberry holographic with red shimmer.

Artificial light, two coats:

Sorry for the bizarro/ closer crop on a couple of these^! I actually had a Band-Aid on the side of my hand and didn't even realize it when I was shooting. Oops!

Up close:

This is such a rich shade, and it hits the right note for me in Fall/ Winter!


Formula: It's nice! Creamy and pigmented, goes on smoothly, and builds to opacity in two coats!

Next, ILNP- Ski Lodge:

Ski Lodge is a deep green holographic with gold micro-flakes. The tone of green doesn't lean too warm or too cool, and I'm not sure I have any other quite like it- not to mention in holographic form!

It does lean to the warmer/ yellow side of green, but not to the point of being a "dirty" or "grungy" type of green if you know what I mean! It really is Fraser Fir in nail polish form!

Artificial light, three coats:


Okay, I love this one. A lot. It's such a pretty shade of green, and totally wearable for cool undertones! This is another that I've already managed to wear as a full manicure, but I want to put it on again!


Formula: It's sheerer than some of the others, but the second coat feels much thicker and looks more opaque going on, so it clings to itself super nicely. Two coats was a nice opacity level for me, but care has to be taken to wrap the nail tips with this one- so, for photos I used three coats. Unless you do extra thin layers, I think two coats will be just fine for most people (the nail bed is perfectly opaque).

Here is ILNP- Sweater Weather:

Sweater Weather is a cyan-based, teal-leaning blue holographic with lighter, icy-blue shimmer. Almost a Prussian blue- so lovely! The base is a bit cooler-toned, but it's the shimmer that's warmer, giving more of a teal vibe.

Artificial light, two coats:

Up close:

Holo time!

This might go on my toes next! It's gorgeous!

Formula: No surprise here: it's nice! Smooth and easy to control, self-leveling, and builds to opacity in two coats!

Here is ILNP- Home Sweet Home:

Home Sweet Home is a pale, cool-toned lavender Ultra Holo.

Artificial light, three coats:


This is really a Wintry shade, I think!

So rainbow, such holo! Wow!

Formula: It's on the sheerer side, but has a great viscosity and goes on easily. At two coats it's completely non-streaky and about 90% opaque, so pretty wearable. I used three for swatches to hold up to the scrutiny of light and macro!

Another highly anticipated shade is ILNP- Cozy Mittens:

Cozy Mittens is a silvery light grey base with soft holo as well as gold shimmer and small gold-bronze flake. Because of all the golden particles, this has a strong gold flash and is very hard to describe- maybe like a patinaed silver? Very unique, and I definitely don't own anything like it!

Artificial light, three coats:


This one also really says "Winter" to me! It's another I've worn as a full mani, and although I don't think it was especially flattering on me, it's so unique that I couldn't stop checking it out!

The finish on this one reminds me a bit of Peri Me and Timeless Vow from the Spring 2015 collection.

Lighting for holo:


Formula: It's got a great texture, and is actually less sheer than I was expecting. On my non-swatching hand, I wore it at two coats with slight, pretty unnoticeable VNL, but needed three thin coats for perfect opacity for photos. It will depend on polishing style whether two or three coats are needed. Very workable and self-leveling though!

Finally, here's the topper in the collection, ILNP- My Private Rainbow (X):

My Private Rainbow (X) is the fourth version in the family of ILNP My Private Rainbow holographic top coats. This one has the larger scattered holo particles a la Mega (X).

Artificial light, one coat over several different ILNP Ultra Chromes:

pinkie to thumb, base ILNP shades: Greatness, Cameo, Cygnus Loop, Birefringence, & Sirene (thumb not shown)

over ILNP- Cygnus Loop:

over ILNP- Sirene:

Such sparkly holo! I am probably going to be adding this to many manicures!

Over ILNP- Cameo (& Greatness):

Formula: It's just what you'd expect: great density for a one-coat topper, and nice viscosity too.

Quick Comparison!

Unfortunately, I don't have any of the other versions of MPR to compare with My Private Rainbow (X), but I do have China Glaze- Fairy Dust, so I thought it'd be helpful to see them next to each other.

Both nails show one coat of each polish over Illamasqua- Boosh, a black creme:

China Glaze- Fairy Dust is on the left, and ILNP- MPR(X) is on the right.

You can see that the China Glaze has just uniformly-sized holo microglitter throughout, while MPR(X) has flake or fleck type holo particles that vary in size and shape quite a bit. With the naked eye (not in macro) the effect of these two polishes is very similar on the nail though.

Overall, this is an awesome Winter collection! Every single shade here is one I'd wear again and again, and it's even hard for me to pick favorites this time. I love them all! I think, if I had to choose, Ski Lodge and Juliette would be at the top of the pile for me!

Formula-wise, all were great consistencies with just Ski Lodge being slightly sheerer than expected. But texturally, all were superb and easy to work with!

I'd love to know what you think!
Which of these is your favorite?
Did you pick up any new ILNP during the pre-order?

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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