October 12, 2015

Triangle Spirals with Color Club Oil Slicks & Whats Up Nails [Nail Art]

Hey everyone! How are you?

Today I have some shifty, metallic nail art using new Triangle Spiral Tape from Whats Up Nails, and two of the new Color Club Oil Slick collection polishes!

The greenish shade is Color Club- Don't Kale My Vibe (haha!), and the bronze/blue is Color Club- Cash Only. These two weren't necessarily my first picks from the Oil Slick collection, but I ordered them from nailsupplies.us, and everything else was out of stock!

Still, I'm not disappointed in them. Do I think they have unique, groundbreaking "Trichrom Technology"? Um, no. These are basically multichromes, and while they do show 2+ hues at very extreme angles, I don't think they are any different than other shifting chromes...such as the ILNP Ultra Chromes, for instance. They are pretty, though!

On to the nail art!

For this design, I simply started with a base of Color Club- Don't Kale My Vibe on all nails, added quick dry top coat, and waited a couple of hours. Then, I carefully peeled the Whats Up Nails Triangle Spiral Tape, and applied each vinyl to the nail. I painted on Color Club- Cash Only on top, and removed the vinyl with tweezers, pulling up in the direction of each line and working nail-by-nail.

To finish, I used E.L.F.'s concealer brush and acetone to remove excess polish from the skin and around the cuticle. Top coat, and done!

You can also use a sponge to sponge on the top color over the vinyl, and that sometimes does work better than just painting the polish on!

Here you can see a bit of the shift in both polishes:

I really like how this design turned out, and I have to say that Don't Kale My Vibe is a super vibrant green chrome!

What do you think?

*Disclosure: products in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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