October 9, 2015

Savvy Naturalista Mani Mochi [Review]

Hey guys, happy Friday!

Today I have something a bit different for you: a body care review! Specifically, I'll be showing you some luxurious and handmade exfoliating products from indie brand Savvy Naturalista, called Mani Mochi and Mega Mochi. (You may recall I reviewed some Savvy Naturalista nail polishes here & here.)

These are basically solid scrubs for your hands and body that come in cute shapes and delicious scents!

Savvy Naturalista says:

"What is mani mochi? It’s a mani scrub for your hands, made of a thick paste with lots of salt, sugar, butters and gentle cleansers. No need for messy jars and oily scrubs to get your hands nice and soft. Mani scrub is perfect for all those looking for an alternative to oily messy hand scrubs in a jar."

I love salt/ sugar scrubs, so I was very excited to be able to try these!

Each individual Mani Mochi comes packaged in a resealable plastic bag with great labeling:

On the back of one (but not all) of my Mochis is a full list of ingredients.

The Mega Mochi comes in an external wax paper envelope with another plastic wrap inside:

Ready to see the Mochi?!

I don't know about you, but they look positively edible to me! I was sent five different scents and shapes, although each scent is not tied to just one particular shape.

Clockwise from top (cat-shape), we have:

  • The Sirens Drink (sweet citrus blend of pineapple, grapefruit, & orange)
  • Cake Batter Face (creamy vanilla frosting, over sweet white cake)
  • Love Shack (oranges, pineapples, bananas, & coconut)
  • Cranberry Kisses (cranberries & juicy tangy velvet plum)
  • Cinnamon Pumpkin Pie which is a Limited Edition scent for Fall (cinnamon, clove, sweet maple syrup)
Although I enjoy all of these scents, out of these five, I think my favorite is Cranberry Kisses (below)! It smells just like cranberries and reminds me of Christmas, actually! I'm not even a person who loves Christmas, but it's just really pleasant- a lovely and nostalgic scent! I actually wish I had a candle that smelled like that.

As far as ingredients, Mani Mochi are "loaded with olive and coconut oil, butters, salt, sugar, kaolin clay and gentle cleansers."

Some close-ups!

The LE scent, Cinnamon Pumpkin Pie, sort of looks like a sugar cookie, no?

This is the pretty Mega Mochi:

Holding the Mega Mochi for scale:

This Mega Mochi is 3.20 oz, which is more than twice the size of the Mani Mochis (1.20 oz), which makes sense as it's meant as a body scrub. This particular one is in the Love Shack scent, which is quite fruity and pleasant! My nose picks out pineapple and banana the most.

One of the Mani Mochis:

This one, and the cat shape, did lose tiny corners in shipment despite being wrapped extremely securely in bubble wrap. It doesn't matter though, because these products are designed to be cut into smaller pieces for each use!

I decided to try the Mani Mochi in 'Cake Batter Face' since the shape is appropriate for Halloween, and it was already partially crumbled!

I cut it into four pieces:

I will be using this corner section and crumble:

This scent really does smell like sweet cake or something!

The instructions are to wet your hands and then "gently rub the mani mochi all over your hands and watch it smear into a wonderful paste...rinse well, dry, and add a light hand cream."

Beginning to crumble Mani Mochi with damp hands:

Here's how Mani Mochi looks as it becomes a paste:

And, once you fully spread over hands and begin to scrub skin:

This is a very dense, "scrubby" scrub, which I strongly prefer! It feels really great, and you can tell that it's doing a good job of removing dead skin. I think I might even break these into smaller pieces next time- a little goes a long way!


Overall, I found my hands to be very smooth and soft, so I'm very pleased! I like jar and liquid scrubs, but these are great too, and the scents are certainly well-executed! I'm really glad about the density and grittiness of the scrubbing salts and sugars within, which did a great job at exfoliating!

Mani Mochi will be officially released today, Octorber 9th, at 12am EST   

$1.55 - $1.75 Mani Mochi 
$5.25 - $5.50 Mega Mochi

*Disclosure: products in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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