October 2, 2015

Kickass Manicures of the Month [Feature] [Nail Art]

Hey everyone! Happy Friday, and welcome to another edition of Kickass Manicures of the Month!

This round-up of fantastic nail art is for last month, September! I decided to go with a bit of a theme this time! I really enjoyed seeing the variety of galaxy nails people were doing on day 19 of the 31DC2015 (The 31 Day Nail Art Challenge). So, prepare for some mind-blowing galaxy manicures!

Like always, these are in no particular order. Don't forget to follow the links back to their original sources and give these talented ladies some well-deserved love for their mad skills (and dedication to the 31DC2015)!

Leave it to Chalkboard Nails to create the most perfect traditional galaxy nails! I love how detailed these are, and that pop of bronze/ gold in there is so pretty!

I have a soft spot for pastel galaxies, and these are lovely! The color palette is amazing, and I love the variation of dots and different stars that Sammy does.

I love how dark and dramatic these galaxy nails are! So good! (And the holo doesn't hurt!)

Okay, I'm really digging Ameerah's take on a more neutral-colored galaxy! This is so pretty and wearble, and actually looks a bit like marble or natural stone, although I do also see the nebulae! I love the simple dots for stars too!

And, here's a more traditional galaxy manicure that is just perfect! I love the cool-toned colors here- especially the teal- and those eight-pronged white stars are so cool!

That's it!

Don't these nails inspire you to try a galaxy design? I've only done one galaxy-style manicure ever, but seeing all of this amazingness has me wanting to make some more!

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