October 1, 2015

ALIQUID Lacquer See Spot Run (LE) for Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! [Swatch]

Howdy everyone, and welcome to October! Today I'm going to be sharing a very special polish with you: ALIQUID Lacquer- See Spot Run!

See Spot Run celebrates Adopt A Shelter Dog Month (October), and $5 from every purchase will go to benefit the ASPCA! This is the second LE charity Adopt A Shelter Dog Month polish that ALIQUID Lacquer has released; the first, Puppy Love, was fantastic. You can see it here, and read about my personal and professional philosophies regarding shelter/ rescue dogs.

This year, the goal is $500 donated the ASPCA, which is 100 bottles sold, I believe! I'm pretty sure we can achieve that, especially with a gorgeous color like See Spot Run:

This time, the limited edition shade comes complete with this super cute magnet featuring the paw print of ALIQUID's rescue pit mix, Trudy! I mean, how adorable is that?! Mine is already happily adorning the fridge (although apparently it's the perfect size for a Helmer)!

Want to take a look at the polish already!?

Here is ALIQUID Lacquer- See Spot Run:

See Spot Run is a vibrant, almost cobalt, blue jelly base filled with holographic microglitter, and various sizes of holo circle glitters in magenta, fuchsia, blue, & silver. (Also, can we talk about how cute and perfect the name of this polish is?!)

Artificial light, three coats:

Up close!

Here's some more direct lighting to show off the holo microglitter:

So lovely, right? I love that there are mostly circle glitters here ("Spot!"), and no squares. This is my kind of jelly/ glitter!

Formula: It's sheer since the base is a jelly, but that's also necessary to gain depth with the glitter. It spreads over the nail pretty nicely, but the glitters do tend to travel down the nail, so I did some slight dabbing to get things positioned better. It does dry down quickly, and a nice amount of glitter comes out on the brush. I didn't get the biggest sized circles every time I dipped the brush, but you do get them out naturally every so often.

Three coats had the base completely opaque for me, and the blue color you get with three coats is identical to the bottle color! You could wear this with slight visible nail line at two coats, no problem, though. Overall, this was an easily manageable dense glitter mix for me, and I'm not the greatest at them!

ALIQUID Lacquer | $11 ($5 goes to the ASPCA) | Limited Edition- October only

Needless to say, this cause is very close to my heart as I work with dogs professionally. I have also owned a non-rescued dog, and a rescued dog (Ham).

My first shepherd mix, Lucy, came to me at 7 weeks through friends of the family. She was given away for free at a garage sale because she was an "oops" puppy from an accidental litter. (Spay and neuter, people!) She became a great dog, but was never bonded to me in quite the way that Ham is- despite raising her from a puppy. The phenomenon people talk about that rescue dogs understand and appreciate what you've done for them is very real, in my experience- especially for adult dogs. They know their situation has been improved, and they associate you with the positive change. There is no better feeling.

I have plenty more to say about my experience with dogs, thoughts on the topic of rescue, as well as Pit Bulls in last year's ALIQUID Adopt A Shelter Dog post, so head over there if you're curious.

For today, I will just leave you with this rescued [spotted] monster:

 *Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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