August 9, 2015

Scaled Greyscale Holo Gradient with Cirque Colors x Warby Parker Polishes [Nail Art]

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I showed you the beautiful blues as well as the holo topper from the lateset Cirque Colors x Warby Parker Pop-in Collection at Nordstrom. Today we'll be looking at the two grey holos from the set!

Cirque Colors- City Lights:

Cirque Colors- Fear And Loathing In New York:

Yum! *Dies*

I kept playing with gradients with these two polishes, and eventually ended up with this scaled look:

There's a ton of holo goodness in both of these shades! Both have really nice formulas as well, and are opaque in two coats when worn separately!

I started with a base of City Lights on all nails, and then sponged a gradient of City Lights + Fear And Loathing In New York on top. I used a fast dry topcoat, and when I was certain that was completely set, I added a chevron nail vinyl, and then repeated the process! Overall this technique isn't very hard, but there is less canvas for your gradient to...gradate in, so you have to make sure to sponge everything as evenly as possible.

When the holo is not lighting up, the finish still looks pretty rad:

Can you see the small magenta flecks that come from Fear And Loathing In New York? They were hard to capture on camera, and much more noticeable in person, unfortunately. I have one more nail art look coming using all of the Cirque polishes from this Pop-in set, and I think there are a couple photos there which show off this polish's subtleties more!

These two Limited Edition polishes and the three others from the Cirque Colors x Warby Parker Pop-in at Nordstrom collection are only available until Sept. 6th!


Have you ever tried a scaled Gradient?

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.

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