July 10, 2015

Mail-time: Polishes from Memorial Day Sales!

Hey guys, happy Friday!

Today I just have a simple mail-time post aggregating all of my Memorial Day sales purchases! This post is a bit overdue, but it's here now!

Here's Ham, or "Mister Dog," as I have been calling him lately:

Very cooperative, this dog.

Let's get to the polishes, shall we?!

First, Indigo Bananas had a 20% off coupon code, so of course I grabbed the Spring 2015 set of glassflecks:

L to R: Saffron Revolution, Cherry Blossom Roads, Jacaranda, Little Fluffy Clouds, The Land of Green Ginger

I've only ever heard (and seen) the best things about Andrea's glassflecks, and couldn't decide which of these five shades were my favorites, so naturally I did the only logical thing and got them all!


^Cherry Blossom Roads above I've already used in some simple nail art, so that is coming next week, I think!

Next, ALIQUID Lacquer had $5 off of $20 or more sale, so:

L to R: Dragonspell, Such a Delicious Scheme, Compitalia, Matronalia

Dragonspell is from the Silmarillion collection, Such a Delicious Scheme is from the recent Austentatious release, and  Compitalia and Matronalia are both When in Rome shades.

Dragonspell is finally mine- LOOK:

I cannot wait to wear it! It might even look awful on my skin, we'll see, but I won't even mind. So pretty!

Really though, all of them are lovely:

Finally, Black Dahlia Lacquer also had a 20% off coupon...

Olaf's Snowflowers

...so I picked up a long-time lemming!

And also some cuticle oil, because one can never have too much oil. This one is 'lemon with mandarin,' and smells just lightly citrusy. The roll-y ball is new to me, as far as cuticle oils go, but it works pretty well once you get the ball rolling, so to speak.  The oil blend also seems to absorb quickly- nice!

Look at this polish, though:

Yum! Can't wait to swatch this one! There were plenty more I wanted from Black Dahlia Lacquer, but Olaf's Snowflowers was the only one I needed, if you know what I mean!

That's all!

Time for a family portrait!

Indigo Bananas- Little Fluffy Clouds is matching my scarf pretty well!

I didn't go too crazy, did I??
Have you tried any of these polishes?


  1. Some awesome colors you picked up during the sale.

  2. I know! And they're mostly Spring-y for some reason! <3 Thank you!

  3. Thank you! It was a very good mail month for me! :D