June 23, 2015

Mail-time: Polished by KPT Anniversary Trio & More!

Hey everyone!

I have a very exciting mail-time to share today! I was recently contacted by indie brand Polished by KPT, and asked if I would like to review some polishes! Of course I said I would!

I haven't had a chance to try Polished by KPT yet, but I've admired many of their polishes for a while- especially since I've been on Instagram. They are pretty well-known for their thermal polishes!

Today we have a guest derp to help us with the mail-time! It's Ham's ladyfriend and my dogniece, Kaya (AKA kaya_in_a_floof_suit).

I love how Ham looks dejected because someone else has encroached upon his precious carrot-getting time! Kaya's actually smaller than Ham, but she kept creeping closer and closer to the camera, haha!

Synchronized derping, FTW!

Ham's making weird lips, I don't know:

Have we seen enough derp for one day??

Onto the polishes!

Look at this pretty packaging! I mean, really- so crisp!

Out of their boxes:

L to R: Live The Night, Fall-O-You, Mars Escapade, Same Fall Different Beginning, Don't Be Ranunculus

These are all polishes that I hand-selected! (Can you tell I've already got Fall on the brain?) We've all heard of and adored Mars Escapade, right? I think that's the polish that initially put Polished by KPT on my radar, and now I get to try it and share it with you guys! <3 (Also, whoa, look at Same Fall Different Beginning!!)

L to R: Swimming with Mermaids, Calypso, Penelope

These three are the Anniversary Trio which was just released in celebration of Polished by KPT's 3-year birthday!  They are all thermals, what Polished by KPT does best, and although the pre-order for them is already over, they should be available again soon!

Ready for some juicy bottle shots?

Don't Be Ranunculus, Same Fall Different Beginning, Fall-O-You

Same Fall Different Beginning


Live The Night, Mars Escapade, Same Fall Different Beginning, Penelope

Fall-O-You, Live The Night

Swimming with Mermaids, Calypso


Mars Escapade, Calypso, Penelope

I'm in love with this nail mail! I've already swatched the Birthday Trio, and I'm developing those photos. I think those swatches should be up tomorrow or Thursday!

After that, I think Same Fall Different Beginning or Mars Escapade will be next! Which would you prefer?

Polished by KPT also sent me two of their cuticle oil pens which somehow did not make it into the photos, but I'll be reviewing them at some point, too!

Have you tried Polished by KPT?

Feelings about thermal polish?

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.


  1. These polishes look pretty in the bottles, I look forward to seeing your swatches! I know this post is really about nail polish, but I kinda loved seeing the dogs more lol! Your pup pointing his nose up at the camera is one of the cutest things I've seen :)

  2. Their faces are too cute! Those are some awesome bottle shots.

  3. I agree! I want to squish their heads together so badly! I know that would be rude, though! :D And, thank you!

  4. She is super photogenic! (And a little bit mischievous, can you tell?)

  5. Everyone always loves the dog/s more, haha! It;s a good thing they are fun to take pictures of! Thank you! <3