June 29, 2015

Mail-time: Cirque Colors Vice Collection!

Hey everyone! Welcome to a new week! (Weekend, we will miss you...)

*Ahem.* On a better note, I have some awesome mail-time that'll give you a little jolt!

Behold: the Cirque Colors Summer 2015 Vice Collection!

From Cirque:

Summer is heating up and our vices are out on the prowl. Whether it's "coffee and cigarettes" or "sex, drugs, and rock n' roll", we know your look wouldn't be complete without one our of limited edition neons on your tips. Introducing The Vice Collection -- a sizzling summer release of our brightest cremes to-date. Pair it with our sparkly holographic top coat for the ultimate quick fix.

This collection of 5 neon cremes and one special holographic topcoat is limited edition, and launches July 9th. These are available for pre-order now though, and they'll ship on the launch date!

I will let Ham take it from here!

Sure, dog, just plop right down in the middle of the polishes!

So dignified:

total carrot fixation

Bottle shot time!

These are very bright, and so fun to photograph!

Out of their boxes!

L to R: Vitamin D, Nympho, Lean, Miami-Dade, C.R.E.A.M

The names are a little risqué, huh?! I actually grew up in Broward Co., Florida, and I think these colors capture the spirit (and pop cultural perception) of Miami & surrounding area very well!

The holographic topcoat is called We Trippy, and it has scattered pieces of slightly larger holo microglitter to keep things extra bling-y!

A little closer:

I think this is such a well-curated neon color palette!

We Trippy:

I've already got some nail art going with these, so that's coming up shortly, and I will be swatching them as well. Soon!

Cirque Colors | Stockists | $13ea | limited edition

Which is your favorite??

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.


  1. Wow, these look gorgeous! Neons always freak my camera, but you captured these perfectly. Looking forward to see what nailart you came up with them :)

  2. Such fun bright shades! I can't wait for the swatches.

  3. Yay! The trick is low light or super directional lighting (having the light mostly come from one side or the back). That'll give a better representation of the brightness of the polish, but I still have to color-correct a bit in post! Thank you!!

  4. I know, right?! I'm working on them today! :)