June 3, 2015

China Glaze Electric Nights Rainbow Lightning Watermarble [Nail Art]

Howdy nail people! I've done another rainbow watermarble with lightning NailVinyls accents!  Hope you don't mind the repetition! (If you missed the neon Indigo Bananas watermarble manicure it is here.)

This time, I decided to play with six of the China Glaze Electric Nights neon polishes that were released for Summer 2015.   (I also have two of the neon glitter mixes from the collection, but they weren't used in this manicure.) I know these polishes are a little bit old news by now, but I am just now getting to them, and I think they are lovely! This is also the same watermarble that I posted to IG as a sneak peek here.

L to R: Home Sweet House Music, Red-y to Rave, Glow with the Flow, Plur-ple, DJ Blue My Mind, Treble Maker

I wore Red-y to Rave on my toes for a while and I was super in love with it!


I was really happy with this watermarble!

You can see, though, that the corners of the lightning bolt vinyls aren't super crisp. I think that's probably my peeling-off technique.

Behind the scenes shot!

I used the "chevron" pattern again since I'm most comfortable with it, but this time I kept the drags as close together as possible so I'd end up with many narrow lines. You can see that these polishes really marble very well! In the photo above, DJ Blue My Mind and Treble Maker are alternated. I did each nail over a white base, by the way.

Some close-ups! Index nail with Treble Maker & Home Sweet House Music:

Thumb with DJ Blue My Mind & Red-y to Rave:

^That one had a bit of a smudge, oops!

Yeah, overall I loved this manicure, and it was super fun to make as well! Watermarbling is so satisfying when it goes according to plan!


  1. This is insanely beautiful! Its hard not to fall in love with this manicure, it is so vibrant and pretty. Your water marble came out beautiful and I love the touch of white you have added to it :) xx

  2. I love this mani :D Very cool with the white lightning! I tried doing some watermarbling with those polishes but it didnt work at all. But I need to try again because the colors are just so fun and great for marbles :D

  3. So pretty! I wish my watermarble came out this nice.

  4. This is such a fun design. It looks very difficult too because I fear water marbles!

  5. Yay, thank you! I used to have the same fear, but it's really not so hard once you have polishes that spread so well!

  6. Thanks Lisa! <3 This is definitely my nicest success so far! :D

  7. Oh no! Try again! I had the same experience with the Color Club Pastel Neons, though. I'd seen some good marbles with them, but I just can't get those to spread nicely for some reason! Arrgh! And, thank you!

  8. Aw, thanks so much! I'm liking the white accents on neon marbles a lot too lately!