April 29, 2015

Kickass Manicures of the Month! [Feature] [Nail Art]

Hey everyone! Happy Hump Day!

With just two days left in the month of April, I've got something a little different for you today! This is a new feature post I'll be doing on a monthly basis as a way to round up my favorite manicures by other nail artists/ bloggers in each month! Just nail art that is incredibly striking or mind-blowing to me...or appeals to my personal aesthetic! You have been warned! I'll be posting this feature near the end of each month.

I was actually inspired by Alison of ALIQUID, who does an awesomely curated round-up feature called Museum-Worthy Manis. Check it out if you haven't seen it!

There were some incredible nail arts happening in the month of April, so let's all sit back and be envious of these talented ladies' mad skills! Please do follow the links back to the originating posts and give the nail artists some love!

In no particular order:

Scaled Gradient by Colors Frenzy

Everything about this! I love the placement of the single chevron, the color choices and finishes, the awesome use of the flakies. It's complex but cohesive and shows off the A England polishes so well! I want my nails to look like this everyday!

Essie Flowerista Watermarble by Polish Chest

I can't get over this particular watermarble! The color choices are amaaazing (four from Essie's Flowerista collection), and the thick, gently swooping marbled stripes! Ah! This is my favorite marble I have seen all year. Not joking.

Triple Picture Polish Colorblocking by Mary Monkett

I've always loved this scarab-esque divided colorblocking design. Is there a name for it? I love that there's a nude underneath (Picture Polish- Cherish), and I think the placement of the tiny studs is genius. So graphic and impactful, and the lines are so clean!

Handpainted Spring Floral Nails by Lacquerstyle/ @KGRDNR

I don't know that anyone does handpainted florals better than Kristin/ KGRDNR, and to top it all off she only uses nail polish- not acrylic paints, which is even more impressive! Just look how detailed those roses are with the highlights and shadows!

Mosiac/ Stained Glass Pattern Nails by Wondrously Polished

Another very graphic manicure! Awesome color choices, and the fact that the mosaic pattern is varied on each nail is so subtle, but very effective!

That's it!

Which is your favorite here?
What's the best nail art you've seen this month?


  1. Ahh my nails are up there! Thank you so much!! I'm happy you like them :D
    Those A England polishes are amazing!

  2. Oh yeah...these colors scream summer!

  3. These are gorgeous! I like the variety of the designs too.

  4. Awesome!! You gave me some new blogs to follow!

  5. Wowza! These are all mind-blowing!

  6. Gorgeous manis! I look forward to read more of these posts in the future, I didn't know most of the blogs you featured so I had a great time browsing around :)

  7. I am glad I could share some new-to-you blogs!

  8. I know, right? I am in awe...

  9. Yay! That's always the best!

  10. Thank you! I was worried some were too similar, but meh.

  11. Haha, you are so welcome!! Your design makes me want to bust out some of my A Englands and try a gradient with them since I never have!

  12. Wonderful manicures! If i had to choose I would prefer the first one!

  13. Very nice collection. i will need some of these soon! :)

  14. I don't think I could choose! :O