March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Waterfall Skittlette [Nail Art]

Oy! Hey nail people! Happy St. Patrick's Day! I am of Irish heritage, if you couldn't tell from my pink skin, but don't really celebrate. I feel like this holiday may be blown entirely out of proportion in the US. I'm not sure! I probably will relax at home tonight with a gin & tonic and catch up on Walking Dead- haha!

But, I did want to do a quick manicure to mark the occasion! I couldn't decided on one technique, so I went with a skittlette, making two waterfall nails, and two nails with a v-shape using NailVinyls in skinny chevron.

Polishes used:

Essie- Mojito Madness, Kleancolor- Metallic Green, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Gilded Lily, Misa- Got it Made in the Shade, Misa- Lime Love, NYX Advanced Salon Formula- Lime, Sinful Colors- Shamrockin', Illamasqua- Kink

For the waterfall nails, I started with a base of Nyx Advanced Salon Formula- Lime, which I've been meaning to try forever. Then I used various nail art brushes to paint on different colors: Illamasqua- Kink, Essie- Mojito Madness, Kleancolor- Metallic Green, and Misa- Got it Made in the Shade. Kink dried too quickly and didn't want to make clean lines.

The middle nail has a base of Misa- Lime Love, and the ring nail and index nail have a base of Misa- Got it Made in the Shade. My goal with this manicure was to use as many untried polishes as possible, and I knocked seven off my list!

The glitter is, of course, the new Sinful Colors- Shamrockin'.  I really liked how it looked layered over the muted green, Got it Made in the Shade. When the two middle nails were completely dry, I applied a NailVinyl to mask off the v-shape, and painted a thick coat of Illamasqua- Kink. That dries quickly to a rubberized finish, so I was able to sponge on the gold glitter, SHCSM- Gilded Lily, pretty shortly after.

All nails were topped with a layer of American Classics- Gelous plus one coat of Sally Hansen- Dries Instantly.

So, this is a bit of a nail fail for me. I'm honestly not entirely thrilled with this design, and I used a peel base, and was very satisfied when it peeled off entirely yesterday (No, these aren't my actual notd!) 

I guess they were cute from far away? I don't know! I think they were just too tacky or busy or something!

I just think that there were too many layers, and the middle nails got thick, and look misshapen. I also got bubbling around the big flower/ shamrock glitters when I top coated them. That always happens to me when I top coat bigger glitters...I think it's the curvature of my nail.

I did kinda like how the thumb waterfall came out:

It's not a perfect waterfall but I used some new Winstonia store brushes, and so I'm still figuring them out.

Did you guys do any St. Patrick's Day nails?



  1. Um wow, this is so amazing, so much going on, I just love it! Waterfalls can be tricky but I think this turned out great! I love your mixes of finishes, it really adds another dimension to this look!

  2. What a fun skittle this is. Just love that Sinful Colors glitter you used.

  3. Thank you! I'm glad someone likes it, haha! It was just a little too much for me in person, but I am glad about the different finishes. I almost didn't use that Kleancolor, but I think it does add dimension like you said! <3

  4. Thank you Lisa! I really like the smaller green hexes that are in Shamrockin'!

  5. Oh I do love those V-French tips with the glitter! The whole mani is so fun and cheerful!

  6. Thank you! Cheerful is a good word for it, haha! Glitter tips are underrated lately...maybe I need to do more!