March 9, 2015

Scofflaw- Rain Dogs LE [Swatch]

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to share my first Scofflaw Nail Varnish with you: Scofflaw- Rain Dogs! I've ordered from Scofflaw before, but it was for a secret Santa exchange and not myself, so this is the first ever Scofflaw swatch for Polish Hound. Ta-da!

When I saw Rain Dogs, I knew I had to have it, and the name was a hook for me too. I am a massive, massive Tom Waits fan (he's really a hero of mine), and Rain Dogs is one of his best albums- if not the best- so, this polish had to be mine! I don't know if the name of this polish is really a reference to the album or not, but either way...

Rain Dogs is a warm-toned purple that looks cooler-toned when built-up. It's filled with beautiful holographic microglitter and shimmer particles that shift blue-green.  The base is more of a creme than a crelly.

Artificial light, three coats:

I stopped at two coats on the thumb ^ to show you the color difference between two and three coats. You can see that it's totally opaque and non-streaky at the second coat, but the color stays at more of a warm-toned plum- so it just depends what you like!

Window-filtered daylight:

I hate to say it, but my expectations for this polish were super high, and I don't think it quite lived up to them. The shimmer and holographic microglitter are both more prominent in the bottle than on the nail, and maybe this polish could have been better served with a crelly base instead of creme, so they'd stand out more.

I'm not saying it's not beautiful- it is! And, it certainly photographs well, but in person I was just expecting a little more...oomph?

Outside, shade:


Formula: It's on the thicker side, and applies decently, but you know, it's not creamy perfection. The particles give it a bit of a grainy feeling and it doesn't want to smooth completely over the nail toward the nail tip.

It does self-level though, and you can use two or three coats depending on how thick you make them. (That gives it a little versatility.) I used three for swatches, because the color still deepens a little at the third coat. You definitely want top coat on this- to both smooth the finish and bring out the sparkle. Overall, not bad, definitely workable, but not super extra wonderful.

Tell me if you like Tom Waits!
Have you tried Scofflaw?


  1. That's a pretty color. Love the little bits of shimmer and glitter in it.

  2. Girl WHAAAAT? Don't you know the rule of NEVER shopping from somewhere new UNLESS you are also buying something for YOURSELF? :) I got this polish and I found it to be absolute perfection, not only in application but also in color. I applied two easy breezy coats and one layer of top coat made it nice and smooth and amazing. I refused to take it off for FIVE days!!! If I had tip wear I could hardly see it. Ees too bads that it wassun't super extra wonderful for you though, cuz eet definitely was that for meeee! :) Thanks for sharing, beautifulness! XOXOXO

  3. Girl, I KNOW! I don't know what I was thinking, honestly. Hahaha! Don't get me wrong, I doooo think this is pretty, but it's just so super extra wonderful in the bottle...and *not quite* that fantastic on my nails. Still purdy!!

  4. Agreed! I love that tone of the purple base!