March 14, 2015

Paul & Joe- Plumes de Paon [Swatch]

Howdy everyone! I hope your weekend is off to an awesome start!

Today I have a beautiful polish from a new-to-me brand to show you: Paul & Joe- Plumes de Paon! Plumes de Paon ["peacock feathers" in French] is from the new Spring 2015 Menagerie collection, which I believe consists of five polishes and is an online exclusive to

I've admired Paul & Joe polishes for a while, but it's a French brand (out of Paris) not easily accessible to the US. The nail polish is actually made in Japan. I recently discovered that Urban Outfitters' website actually carries some Paul & Joe polish, so I decided to try one when I was ordering some pants. Haha!

If you're in the United States, you can also purchase Paul & Joe polish through Beautyhabit or directly from Paul & Joe's US website.

I thought we'd take a look at the packaging first since I've never reviewed Paul & Joe before and because, well, it's amazing:

I thought it was pretty interesting that it warns not to mix with varnish thinners or the bottle might explode! Geez! Maybe that's just intended for people who might use polish remover instead?

At any rate the packaging is super pretty, don't you think?

It appears to be at least 3-free, correct me if I'm missing something. I couldn't really find any info online. I think it's also pretty interesting that the actual polish contains oils: olive, safflower, and jojoba. I wonder if it's supposed to help moisturize your nails, or if it's there as an ingredient to help the polish's texture or something? I really have no idea- but interesting!

The design is even carried onto the inside flaps:

Bottle out of the box:

So pretty and classy-looking! It really is packaging that you'd want to display somewhere on a dressing table or something! I'm going to have a hard time putting this one away!

And to show the petite bottle size:

My hands are relatively small by the way- I can barely get an octave with thumb and pinkie on a normal piano. This bottle is just so cute and small! (And it still holds .4fl oz!)

Plumes de Paon is a vibrant, teal base filled with dense green shimmer. Because of the shimmer, the overall color is a very green-leaning teal. The finish is almost metallic, but not frosty. There's almost a duochrome-y nature to this polish due to the contrast of the base and shimmer (not a true duochorome, though).

Artificial light, two coats:

The accent nail has an image from MoYou London Pro XL- 05 stamped with Transdesign- White Stamping Color (yes, they apparently have a house brand stamping polish, and it seems to work well!).  I thought the peacock feather stamp would be appropriate to wear with this polish!

On the accent nail, I also applied one coat of Orly- Love Each Other, which I probably should have layered underneath the stamping, and it's pretty imperceptible anyway. But if you notice and blue/ pink flecks on that nail, that's why! 

Depending on the lighting, this can look very teal or quite green, so it's a little changeable. If you don't like green on your nails at all, you probably won't like it, but it's such a beautiful jewel tone!

Outside, shade:

Looks a little cooler-toned outside!

Up close:

Pretty standard dense shimmer finish...

Formula: It has a medium viscosity that paints onto the nail easily and self-levels. The first coat can be slightly sheer, but it's not streaky at all. The second coat clings very nicely to the first, so feels thicker, and was completely opaque for me. I really think the texture on this one is A+!

Also: the brush is divine!! It's really wide, flat, and the bristles spread easily- think OPI's brush, except this one is even slightly bigger. Some people might not like it, but I think it's bomb.

One negative is that this does have a bit of an unpleasantly strong smell. Not exactly as bad as Kleancolor, but noticeable. And, in fact, if you look at the ingredients there is "Fragrance," hmm...

What do you think?

Have you managed to try Paul & Joe polish?


  1. Such pretty packaging to this polish and the color is gorgeous. I really like that feathery accent nail you did with it too.

  2. I loved the packaging and the polish itself it's super pretty too. I really like how you paired it with the stamping :)

  3. So so pretty! You're right a bottle like that needs to be displayed on a pretty vanity. I love the addition of the stamping you did. :) Gorgeous color!

  4. The color is nice but WOW, that packaging is just to die for!!

  5. Packaging can be so fun, huh? Thank!! <3

  6. I already put the bottle in a drawer, and it makes me kinda sad, haha! And, thank you!! I need to practice my stamping more!

  7. I know, right!! Luckily, the quality of the polish is nice too, since the color is probably dupable.