March 30, 2015

Indigo Bananas- Hot Ice Creams for Cold Days [Swatch]

Hey guys! Eeek! Monday! Yuck!

Today I have Indigo Bananas- Hot Ice Creams for Cold Days originally from the Willy Wonka collection (Paradise) to share with you! Another stunning shade I've swatched from the same collection is 2% Butterscotch Ripple, which also made my initial shortlist for top polishes of 2014!

Hot Ice Creams for Cold Days is a purple-leaning fuchsia jelly base with violet colorshifting shimmer, strong holographic shimmer, as well as sparser holo glitters.

Artificial light, two coats:

As you can see, the holographic effect is very strong with this one, and had no problem giving me lots of nice rainbows under even artificial light. Love!

Window-filtered direct daylight:

Outside, shade:

Even in the rare instance when the holo is not lighting up, there's a lot going on in this polish to keep your interest! Pretty!


Up close:

Formula: It is slightly on the sheerer side with a medium-thinner consistency, but smooths over the nail surface well, and is nicely workable. The first coat wasn't streaky- just sheer, especially at the tips (but that's fairly normal for jelly bases). It dries down quickly, and is surprisingly opaque in two coats! Overall, super nice!

I highly suggest, that if you haven't tried this polish, you do! It's really a highlight among my entire indie collection. There, I said it! I can't wait to wear it again soon..

Hot Ice Creams for Cold Days | $12 |

What do you think?


  1. I love the concept of the larger glitters in a holo. Don't see this done often enough. Beautiful shots as always!

  2. I love how cool toned this looks in the shade!

  3. I was actually not all about the noticeable-glitters-in-a-holo-thing until I actually wore this personally! Go figure- love it though!

  4. I agree! Everyone needs this one!