March 4, 2015

ILNP Spring 2015 Polishes Pt.2 [Swatch] [Review]

Hey guys! How is everyone? Today I've got the other half of the upcoming ILNP Spring 2015 collection to share with you! If you missed Part 1, and the other six polishes, you can find it here!

Of these six polishes, there are two new Ultra Chrome Flakies, as well as a new version of Mega, a new mutltichrome and its holo version, and a new holographic version of another multichrome from the Fall 2014 set.

Let's get started!

First, here's one that I think will be pretty popular, ILNP- Mega (S):

Mega (S) is a new version of Mega (spectraflair pigment), which was released in the Spring 2014 collection. I believe the (S) in this one stands for "scattered," but could be wrong. This version of Mega has the largest holo particles available at the moment, and the holo effect is supposed to be more in-your-face than either the original Mega or Mega (L)!

Artificial light, three coats:

It's super pretty! Rainbows!!

Outside, sun:

Formula: It's sheer, but goes on easily with no problems like pulling or dragging. I think if you weren't photographing this, you could stop at two coats, but I was concerned with the strobe and lights exposing sheerness at the tips, so I used three for swatches. Overall, really nice!

Next, one of my favorites of the entire Spring collection, ILNP- Abundance (H):

Abundance (H) is a multichrome that shifts burgundy-orange-bronze-copper, and also has holographic shimmer. You also occasionally see green around the edges. The overall color, I'd say, is bronze, and it's GORGEOUS!

The original Abundance, a multichrome without holographic particles, was released with the Fall 2014 Ultra Chromes.

Artificial light, two coats:

I did smudge my middle nail and didn't notice until I saw the photos in Lightroom- sorry!

Outside, shade:

I still have this on my right (Cinderella) hand because I can't bear to take it off!


The holo effect is pretty strong!

Formula: It seems on the sheerer side, but the viscosity is nice and it builds well- opaque in two coats after all! I will say that brushstrokes on this one are a little less forgiving than some of the other holo multichromes I've tried.

Next, here is the new multichrome, ILNP- Hush:

Hush is a multichrome finish that shifts from a jewel-toned teal to red-violet/ magenta/ and orange at the edges. And sometimes, the teal part of the shift can look quite green! ILNP- Sirene is one of my favorites, and Hush is pretty much the less-green, more-teal version of Sirene!

And, ILNP- Hush (H):

Hush (H) is the holographic version of Hush. The holo particles are scattered (but dense), though, which I love!

Since these two have the exact same color shift, I decided to show them together in one manicure!

Artificial light, three coats of Hush & Hush (H) (one coat of Hush (H) on accent nails):

^Above is the best representation of the predominant teal color when you look straight-on, and below is when it shifts a bit!

I used skinny chevron NailVinyls sideways on the index and middle nails to create the mask, and then just painted one coat of Hush (H) on top!

Outside, shade:


Formula: They're both on the sheerer side, but go on evenly and self-level. The second coat clings well to the first, and builds well, but I still needed three coats for complete opacity at the tips of my nails. Both have very forgiving and easy formulas, though.

Next, here is one of the new Ultra Chrome Flakies, ILNP- Ice House:

Ice House is a new Ultra Chrome Flakie that shifts at the very end of the blue spectrum without treading too much in purple territory. It's very, very blue (and Ice House is a great name for it!).

I don't have the original Cold Fusion to compare it to, but going by the Holo Ultra Chrome Flakies, Ice House is the bluer and less-teal version of Cold Fusion!

Artificial light, four coats over black:

At very oblique angles, you can see some shifting happening, but in general this Chrome Flakie seems to shift less than others I've seen.

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:

So, so blue! This would look great worn at one coat over so many base colors...

Up close!

You can see that it's mostly blue, but there is some purple and teal shift here!

Formula: The flakies are smooth, lay flat, and the base suspends them well.

These flakies, I think, are really meant for layering, but you can build them up for full coverage if you want. I needed four coats for that, which is what I've shown you here (over black). That's sheer, but I don't think full coverage is really the point of these! It just goes to show, though, the versatility of these flakie polishes!

Finally, ILNP- Paradox:

Paradox is the other new Ultra Chrome Flakie in this collection, and the flakies in it shift teal-blue-magenta-fuchsia-purple, and sometimes you can see gold and yellow at the edges.

Artificial light, three coats over black:

Window-filtered daylight:

This one is super shifty- lots of colors all the time!

Outside, shade:

Up close:

Formula: It's basically the same as Ice House and every other Ultra Chrome Flakie that I've tried! Applies easily, dries down quickly, and can be built up to full coverage if desired. Shown is three coats over Illamasqua- Boosh.

I should mention that the actual flakies are opaque, so you can wear them over any color without affecting the shift!

Overall, I have nothing bad to say about these! Abundance H is a strangely surprising color to release in Spring but I absolutely love it! Hush and Hush (H) are slightly sheerer, but they are totally worth the extra coat- very beautiful, and no complaints about their formulas other than the sheerness. If you like Sirene, or any of the greener or bluer multichromes, you probably need Hush!

Mega is incredible! What can I possibly say about that one?! It probably has one of the nicest formulas for a strong silver holo that I've ever tried.  I like both of the new Ultra Chrome Flakies, but Paradox is definitely my favorite!

These will be available for pre-order this Friday, the 6th, on

What do you think?
Which of these appeals to you the most?

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.


  1. Oh man, I just got a gift certificate to ILNP for my birthday and you're making it so hard for me to decide. I feel like Mega (S) almost has the linear glow closer to Masked Affair almost. And now you're making me add to my list, definitely thinking about Abundance (h) and maybe even Paradox (holo, because holo all the things!).

  2. Hush and Paradox are ridiculous gorgeous. I need them! :)

  3. I love them both! And, thank you! <3

  4. Oooh, I should really hold Mega S up to the swatch stick of Masked Affair to compare the holo...good idea! I think you decided on some good ones, btw! <3