March 6, 2015

ILNP Holographic Ultra Chrome Flakies [Swatch][Review][Comparison]

Hey nail people, it's Friday!

It's also the first day that you can pre-order the new ILNP Spring 2015 collection as well as the new Holographic Ultra Chrome Flakies, which I am going to show you RIGHT NOW! These are pretty exciting- I'm not gonna lie! If you enjoy rainbows at all, well, you're going to love this post!

If you're looking for more standard, non-macro bottle shots of these babies, you can visit my mail-time post.

Today I'll be showing you mostly macros so you can see how the flakies and the holographic particles look together close-up. All of the nail macros show just one coat layered over Illamasqua- Boosh. Let's get to it!

ILNP- Rapture (H):

Rapture (H) has the most yellow-gold-green shift. Straight-on, it looks like mostly a bronzed yellow, and I really love this one!

ILNP- Open Fields (H):

Open Fields (H) has flakies that shift all throughout the green range, and into the aquas and blues, but the starting shade is a very yellow-toned grassy green. Beautiful!

ILNP- Gaia (H):

Gaia (H) is a lot like Open Fields, except a little more of a blue-toned green, overall, and the shift verges into aqua and teal territory. It's really beautiful too! (I'm going to start sounding like a broken record...)

ILNP- Supernova (H):

Supernova (H) is still very green, but it also has a lot of noticeable pink and purple shift! My nail photo doesn't do this one justice, unfortunately. (That pinkie finger was in a lot of shadow from the rest of my hand.)

Here's a quick comparison of those four:

L to R (Pinkie to Index):  Supernova (H), Gaia (H), Open Fields (H), Rapture (H)

Sorry for hardly anything being in focus there- I wasn't sure if I was going to share the comparisons or not, but I think it'll be helpful and you can still get an idea about the color/ shift!

ILNP- Success (H):

Success (H) has an overall cooler-toned green shift happening, but also shows yellow/ gold, and pink/ slight purple shift!

ILNP- Brilliance (H):

Brilliance (H) is like the warmer or more yellow-toned version of Electric Carnival (H), which you can see below. It's one of the more rainbow-y holo flakies here, and a favorite of mine!

ILNP- Electric Carnival (H):

Ah, the holo version of the famous Electric Carnival! The flakies in this one show very rainbow shifting, but are predominantly a warm fuchsia-orange, straight on.

ILNP- Neon Rosebud (H):

Neon Rosebud (H) is also a lot like Electric Carnival (H), except it's the cooler-toned version, showing more fuchsia and purple! If I had to pick just one from this entire collection, I am pretty sure it would be Neon Rosebud (H)! :gasp:

Comparison of those previous four:

L to R (Pinkie to Index):  Neon Rosebud (H), Electric Carnival (H), Brilliance (H), Success (H)

ILNP- Phoenix (H):

Phoenix is one of my favorite (that I've tried) original Ultra Chrome Flakies, so of course I like this one a lot too! Its shift is also very multicolored, but starts to tread a lot into the purple and blue range. Orange and red around the edges!

ILNP- Metropolis (H):

Metropolis (H) is overall cooler-toned than Phoenix (H) and warmer-toned than Atlantis (H), seen below. It shows more aqua, teal, and especially fuchsia shift than Atlantis (H).

ILNP- Atlantis (H):

Atlantis (H) is the most purple of all the Holo Ultra Chrome Flakies, and shifts royal blue-purple-fuchsia-orange, to name a few!

Comparison of those three:

L to R (Ring to Index):  Atlantis (H), Metropolis (H), Phoenix (H)

ILNP- Luna (H):

Luna (H) is like a slightly teal-er version of Metropolis (H), and show less fuchsia and more teal and blue shift. Pretty!

ILNP- Paradox (H):

Paradox (H) is one of the new ones, and it's an even teal-er version of Luna (H). It's also one of the more rainbow-y shifting HUCFs, and displays pretty much ALL THE COLORS. I'd say the predominate colors, though, are green-leaning teal and fuchsia.

ILNP- Cold Fusion (H):

With Cold Fusion (H), we're getting into true blue territory! This one shifts green-teal-aqua-blue. Very beautiful, especially for blue-lovers!

ILNP- Ice House (H):

Ice House (H) is the other new [holographic] addition to the Ultra Chrome Flakie line, and it is the bluest out of all of them! It shifts from teal-aqua-blue- and sometimes into purple range at oblique angles. It's vibrant, but probably one of the least shifty HUCFs, along with Rapture (H).

Comparison of those last four:

L to R (Pinkie to Index):  Ice House (H), Cold Fusion (H), Paradox (H), Luna (H)

I also wanted to show you my favorite way (that I've yet discovered) of wearing these holo flakies: over other non-holo multichromes:

L to R (counter-clockwise):
  1. Ice House (H) over Birefringence
  2. Electric Carnival (H) over Birefringence
  3. Phoenix (H) over Cygnus Loop
  4. Open Fields (H) over Cygnus Loop
  5. Electric Carnival (H) over Masquerade
  6. Rapture (H) over Masquerade
  7. Brilliance (H) over Cygnus Loop
  8. Atlantis (H) over Cygnus Loop
  9. Neon Rosebud (H) over Sirene
  10. Paradox (H) over Birefringence

This nail wheel was a bit of an experiment, and I just kept adding combinations as I got more and more excited about the layering options (lol!), so they aren't in any logical order. Hope it's not too confusing. I stuck with ILNP multichrome shades to keep this simple, but you could use any multichrome finish you already have.

The combinations are endless, and I think this is the most fun way to layer these, IMO! You can go for a tone-on-tone look where the shift correlates, or you can go for something contrasty where the shift in the flakies is opposite of the shift in the base multichrome...

I decided to show you one of my favorite layering combinations, swatched:

This is one coat of ILNP- Neon Rosbud (H) layered on top of ILNP- Sirene, which is #9 above, and this is more of a contrasty look than a tone-on-tone one!

(Straight-on, Sirene is very green. This angled shot shows more of the purple shift)

Artificial light:

Outside, shade:

Up close:

I just love how it looks totally different at every moment and angle!

Overall, Wow! I have to admit that I love these more than I was expecting! I like them more than the original non-holo Ultra Chrome Flakies...because how can holographic particles not make anything better?! The formulas on all of these are exactly the same in my experience: they are meant for layering, so are sheerer, but can be built to complete opacity in four coats or near-opacity in three coats. You can wear them over any base color since the flakies themselves are opaque. They go on smoothly and dry down pretty quickly.

There are a few in which I think the holographic particles are more pronounced:  Atlantis (H), Neon Rosebud (H), Electric Carnival (H), Phoenix (H), Paradox (H), Supernova (H), Cold Fusion (H), and Luna (H). Of all of those, Atlantis (H) is the most noticeable to me. Whether this is a trick of the eye- that I'm imagining it- I'm not sure. It could have to do with how the particles contrast with the color in the flakies, or maybe those polishes actually have more holographic particles. I'm just telling you what I see!

I also love how versatile these are: you can wear them over any base color or other nail art, you can build them up to full coverage, and I have seen some lovely manicures with them sponged onto the nail as gradients and such!

I do have my favorites, of course! They are: Supernova (H), Neon Rosebud (H), Atlantis (H), Brilliance (H), Metropolis (H), and Paradox (H)!

These are available starting TODAY, 3/6 on a pre-order basis from!

I'd love to know which of these are your favorites!

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own. 


  1. My picks are Gaia and Open Fields, and of course a slew of the others you already posted! So happy I have a gift certificate for these otherwise my wallet would be crying!

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  6. Inge (PolishSis)March 7, 2015 at 1:47 AM

    This is just awful, how am I supposed to choose between all of these amazing polishes? Like picking my fav kid ;-)
    Going to scroll up and watch alllll the pictures again and again.

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