February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Skittle & Gradient with OPI Hawaii Polishes! [Nail Art]

Hey nail people! Happy Valentine's Day?! Today I have my Valentine's nail art for you- you may have already seen it on Instagram! I meant for this post to go up yesterday, actually, but yeaaaah, that just didn't happen! So today it is!

I'd picked up Sinful Colors- Love Sprinkles in the drugstore recently, and knew I wanted to incorporate that somehow. I'd recently acquired a few of the new OPI Spring 2015 Hawaii collection shades too, and when I swatched them all together on a nail wheel, I realized my picks were a pretty lovely color palette all by themselves- yay me!

I started off with a base color of OPI- Do You Take Lei Away?, and then used Nail Vinyls to mask off the v-shaped half-moon line. Then, I just painted one coat of each color onto the bottom portion of each nail.

For the gradient, I used Lost My Bikini in Molokini, Just Lanai-ing Around, and Do You Take Lei Away? on a dry sponge. These particular polishes blended pretty well together, but it's not my smoothest gradient, as you can see. I didn't sponge over it twice, which I usually do. I was concerned with the polish drying and not getting a clean line with the nail vinyl as a result.

The glitter is, like I said, Sinful Colors- Love Sprinkles, which is one of their new seasonal polishes this year, from the Flirt with Hearts collection. The hearts on my index nail are from the same polish- I just fished them out and hand-placed them using a dotting tool. 

Polishes Used:

Sinful Colors- Love Sprinkles

And, the OPI Hawaii shades by themselves:

L to R: Lost My Bikini in Molokini, Just Lanai-ing Around, Go with the Lava Flow, Aloha from OPI, Do You Take Lei Away?

These are actually all of my picks from the OPI Hawaii set, and I'm really happy with my choices! The nude, Do You Take Lei Away? is not super wonderful on my skin, but not bad either, and is definitely a nicer tone than some other nudes I've recently tried. I don't know what it is with nudes lately, but I HAVE TO TRY THEM ALL. What is that??!

All of the others, I'm pretty much in love with! If I had to choose just one, Go with the Lava Flow is insanely pretty! Dat shimmer!

I probably won't find time to do formal swatches of these, although I might try to do one or two as single posts. But, I thought you guys would (hopefully) get a good idea of the colors just seeing them used this way!

I wore this manicure for a couple days, and was pretty happy with it overall!

What do you think?
Are you going to try any of the OPI Hawaii polishes?
What are you Valentine's Day/ Anti-Valentine's Day plans??


  1. A really cute mani :) While I do have a boyfriend we are both broke, so probably our plans will be taking a walk around and watch a movie or somehting hahah. I didn't do a VDay mani because I paint my nails on Saturdays and doing it a week ahead seemed a little silly to me (or staying with one for a week after VDay xD)

  2. Thanks! <3 I think that's pretty similar to what we'll be doing too! We have the most fun just doing low-key stuff anyway! Have fun painting your nails today!

  3. That gradient on the ring nail is so pretty! Very lovely manicure this is.

  4. So pretty, really loving the colors of the gradient on your ring finger.

  5. Your picks from the Hawaii collection are to die for! I absolutely love them! And this manicure if perfection! So beautiful! I had written off the Hawaii collection as I thought they were close to colors I already owned, but man, you totally are making me second guess myself!!!

  6. Thank you! I just liked this OPI color palette a lot!

  7. I think probably Aloha from OPI could be dupish....but I don't own anything like the others, and I think you pretty much NEED Go with the Lava Flow! :P And, THANK YOU!

  8. The gradient is awesome! Lovely colors :)