February 1, 2015

Taped Triangle Tips with Zoya Naturel Satins [Nail Art]

Hey guys! How is your Sunday going?

The Chicago area is having a crazy Winter storm right now- our first big one this year, and I just managed to drive back in it after weathering the night (with Ham!) at a friend's house.  The roads are super shitty right now, and I'm happy to have made it back (car only got stuck leaving her house, yay!) so I can get to work on some blog stuff!

I'm not really into sports, so I am going to just ignore the fact that the Super Bowl is happening today, lol!

Anyway, today I just have a simple taping manicure which you may have glimpsed on Instagram already!

Of course, I used the new Zoya Naturel Satin Transitional colors to compose this nail design! I'll have swatches up on the blog soon, but I though this would be a nice, quick way to showcase them first!

The base color is Zoya- Ana, which is the lightest neutral in the set. It did need three coats for opacity (on most of my nails), but all of the others were more opaque.

The triangle colors, thumb-to-pinkie, are Zoya- Leah, Zoya- Sage, Zoya- Tove, Zoya- Rowan, and Zoya- Brittany.

Aside from Ana, the rest of these polishes were opaque enough that I had no problem applying one thicker coat to each nail's taped-off area, and then removing the tape immediately! They are actually quite nice for taping-style manicures, and they dry super quickly as well.

I was really happy with this look, and wish I could have kept it on my nails for a few more days! But the swatching must go on!

Stay tuned for regular swatches of these refreshing neutrals! 


  1. Leave it to you to knock this one out of the park ♥♥♥ This is just beautiful and your application and capturing of this finish is just perfect. I wish I had the same experience with dry time.

  2. Aw, well my ego has been boosted today! <3 Wow, they didn't dry quickly for you? That's a bummer! I wonder if there is an environmental factor? IDK!

  3. What a pretty and simple nail art way to wear these colors.

  4. Those look amazing! I need to start trying stuff like this. I'm always worried using tape because I never wait long enough for them to dry, it's a major problem I have haha

  5. Ummm, this is incredible. I was getting SO tired of seeing these Zoya swatches on everyone's blog and then you come out and BAM, totally change my mind. This is so cute! One question though, how on EARTH do you get those perfect triangles?!?! Try as I might, mine always come out askew!

  6. :D Dude, they are so not perfect, haha! The index nail triangle is totally out of whack! It's just trial and error, but I try to imagine what the midline of my nail is. IDK!

  7. Your mani looks perfect - so simple, but so eye-catching!

  8. Well, thank you! I really like simple! <3