February 18, 2015

SUPER BLACK - Slap Happy [Swatch] & [Comparison]

Howdy guys! Today I've got a swatch with a bit of a comparison for you to see!

When I recently "suffered" a couple of nail breaks, I was stumped ba dum tsh as to what to wear on my nubs! I finally realized: it needed to be RED. I love short red nails, and a lot of times think they can look more chic than red on longer nails.

So, I've got a really punchy red for you today, SUPER BLACK - Slap Happy:

First of all, I enjoy the name quite a bit. That was a term my family used while I was a child, and it just brings back good memories. Slap Happy is when you're in such an over-tired or delirious state that literally everything is funny! :)

Slap Happy is a bright, cherry (slightly pink-leaning) jelly base with complex holographic shimmer. The shimmer is quite chunky, and really, really light-catching! There are also sparse, larger holo hexagonal glitters.

SUPER BLACK describes this red as "primary red."

Artificial light, two coats:

It's a beautiful red!

Artificial light without fill to show the sparkle:

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:


Formula: Oh man, perfectly buttery and almost self-applying! It's so squishy and perfectly level at one coat that I was tempted to stop there. I used two in order to show it how I think most people will choose to wear it, but if you don't mind slight nail line, one coat is great with this color! (You still see VNL on me at two coats, but it's really only noticeable in photos.)

Dries quickly too, A+!

Comparison time!

I decided that Slap Happy was close enough to Picture Polish- O'hara that a comparison was in order!  If you want to see proper swatches of O'hara, I have them here!

You can probably already tell from the bottle shot that O'hara is cooler-toned.

Artificial light:

index to pinkie: Slap Happy, O'hara, Slap Happy, O'hara

I didn't bother to label the actual photo because I think the color difference is pretty clear. Not dupes!

Here's a closer look at the shimmer particles:

My bad on the tipwear! I did this comparison after wearing Slap Happy for a couple days!

The shimmer is pretty different as well. The Picture Polish has more uniform, flakie-type holographic particles, while Slap Happy has sparser, non-flakie-type holo particles as well as the bigger, sparser hexes. These are different polishes!

Formula-wise, these are similar; both have excellent, easy-to-apply, buttery textures! O'hara's base (two coats in the comparison photos) is slightly less sheer than Slap Happy's base. That's pretty much the only differing factor. 

What do you think?

Which of these two reds do you prefer?


  1. Ohhhh these are both lovely but I think I favor O'hara slightly more. Oy do I need need some PP in my life. And to answer your question earlier, that I never responded to, my birthday is March 4, just 5 days after my blogiversary!!!

  2. What a pretty red with slight glitters in it! It does look a bit sheer here since you can still see your visible nail line but I don't mind it at all. The color is so nice.

  3. Slap Happy is a beautiful color! I love the shimmer in it as well. I like it more than O'Hara honestly.

  4. This looks AMAZING ON YOU!!!! Super duper gorgeous! I think I might like O'Hara better because it's a tad darker, at least up close. Lord knows you can barely tell the difference with a naked eye:). Thank you so much for sharing XOXOXO

  5. So pretty! Your swatches keep making me want to try the brand.

  6. Thank you! Well, you should! It's been great for me so far! :D

  7. I think I lean toward O'hara too just because it's cooler-toned. Gosh, I'm so predictable! :sigh:

  8. I think it would look better on your skin tone too!

  9. Yep, it's a jelly base, but I honestly think my nail line is darker than most/ more apparent in photos. I think it's just because my nailbeds are kinda stubby. :shrug: :)

  10. Ooooh, that's soon! Too bad you didn't start your blog on your actual birthday! Haha!