February 11, 2015

Picture Polish- Never Nude & Douceur [Swatch]

Hey guys! How's it going? Today I've got two pretty Picture Polish crelly glitters to show you! They are Douceur and Never Nude, and while they originate from different blogger collaboration sets, I've sort of been grouping them together in my mind, so I thought I'd show them in the same post!

Douceur is from Fall 2013 and is in collaboration with Tartofraises, a French nail blogger who does absolutely gorgeous nail art! Never Nude is more recent, from the Fall/ Winter 2014 Blogger Collaboration set, and was created with WillPaintNailsForFood, a Canadian blogger who does a lot of lovely hand-painted designs.

I guess we'll start with Never Nude!

Picture Polish- Never Nude:

Never Nude is an eggshell, off-white crelly base with color-shifting blue-to-fuchsia flakie microshimmer and smallish turquoise and purple hexes. There are also smaller silver hexagonal glitters, but they appear mostly white submerged in the base.

I basically had to own this one due to the Arrested Development reference alone (not to mention how gorgeous and unique it is!). I love AD, and I love Tobias! LOL! 

Artificial light, three coats:

The tone of the base definitely pulls green against my pinkish skin. It's really not though. The picture below is better.

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:

Up close!

Formula: It's a little more viscous than I'd like in terms of allowing the glitter to disperse evenly and freely. But, it's workable and self-levels slightly, although the first coat will probably be streaky, and especially might pool at the sides of your brushstrokes.

It's not too streaky at two coats, but I needed three to tone down the visible nail line. Some people might be able to wear it at two coats, depending on sheerness desired and nail bed length.

Next, Picture Polish- Douceur:

Douceur is a barely-pink crelly base filled with magenta hex glitter in two sizes as well as holographic microshimmer.

Artificial light, two coats:

I have to say that the pink-toned base looks a lot better on me in comparison to Never Nude. I love them both, but I think I'd pink Douceur if I could only have one!

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:

And here's what Ham is usually up to when I'm swatching outside!

He's stalking squirrels in the Oak tree that's right there! Ignore the dog-nose-goo on the door. There is no way to keep that clean for more than a minute.

Up close!

Formula: It has a nicer viscosity than Never Nude, and glides over nail surface easily. It also self-levels a lot better, and is a little more opaque. Two coats had this at a nice opacity for me! You can still see nail line, but I don't think it's intrusive- I actually like the way it looks a lot!


Have you tried either of these Picture Polishes?

Which is your favorite?


  1. Both are such pretty crelly shades. I don't own much of them but the ones I do, I love them.

  2. OH man, you and Hambone both make me want to pick up some PPs right quick! I think I'll wait though, see what I get for my birthday first!

  3. Haha, well...you SHOULD. :enable, enable: When is your B-day?? Hope you get some!