February 20, 2015

Morgan Taylor Cinderella Spring 2015 Polishes [Swatch][Review][Nail Art]

Hey everyone! It's Friday, hoorah!

Today I've got two polish picks from the Morgan Taylor Spring 2015 collection, Cinderella, to show you! This collection is officially affiliated with the new Disney live action movie, which releases March 27 in theaters, I believe.

Morgan Taylor- Party at the Palace:

Party at the Palace is a bright-yet-soft, slightly green-leaning turquoise base filled with noticeable yellow-green glassfleck-ish shimmer.

Formula: The viscosity is a little thicker than Best Ball Gown Ever, and it's a little more opaque as well. It doesn't self-level as readily, but it does even out- just slowly. Overall, it's also pretty nice and opaque in two coats!

Morgan Taylor- Best Ball Gown Ever:

Best Ball Gown Ever is a pastel, purple-leaning periwinkle base with dense, pale chartreuse, ultra-fine shimmer. The finish is almost frosty- but not quite! It's a really beautiful, modern take on a frost, I think! I mentioned on Instagram that this is exactly the color that comes to mind when I imagine Cindy's dress!

Formula: It's nice! The pigmentation is a little sheer, but the viscosity is perfect, and it applies itself and builds well! Brushstrokes are not noticeable as the polish dries down, and this was opaque enough in two coats for me (although maybe slightly thin at the tips)! I think some people might be scared of the finish on this one, but it's really not frosty! It might not be for everyone, but I found it really pretty and fitting for a Cinderella collection!

I have to mention that I wore this manicure for almost five days (fairly unheard of for me!), and had only the smallest, minimal tipwear with no chipping! I had OPI- Nail Envy underneath and INM- Out the Door on top. So yes, these wore very well for me!

Artificial light, two coats of each:

Window-filtered daylight:

Outside, shade:

That's it! These are kind of whimsical and feminine, aren't they?

What do you think of these?
Do any others in the Cinderella collection interest you?


  1. Those brush & nail macros, I die. I am definitely going to have to search these out after your swatches :) lovely!

  2. Both are stunning shades. Those macro shots of them are to die for!

  3. Haha, thanks Kirby! I think you'll love Party at the Palace, especially. :)

  4. Yay! You are quite welcome, and thanks for stopping by! <3