February 26, 2015

Mail-time: ILNP Spring 2015 & Holographic Ultra Chrome Flakies Polishes

Um, guys. I have a bit of an epic mail-time today! This post is super picture-heavy, so consider yourself warned!

When Barbra of ILNP contacted me and asked if I wanted to look through the new Spring 2015 collections and swatch what interested me, you can imagine I was pretty excited! I've loved ILNP for a long, long time- they're one of the first indies I ever became interested in- so I had to jump at the chance! (As a die-hard fan of multichromes, the brand as a whole is a no-brainer for me.)

So, this mail-time contains the new Spring 2015 Collection as well as the new Holographic Ultra Chrome Flakies Collection, which are holographic versions of the Ultra Chrome Flakies that released recently this Winter.

Hambone was relatively excited at the prospect, too:

He didn't actually want to stay inside the nail polish circle, LOL! Such suspicion, this dog. A good boy, though.

Bottle shot time! Here are the twelve Spring 2015 shades:

L to R: Ice House, Paradox, Hush, Hush (H), Mega (S), Abundance (H)

L to R: Poetry, Flower Girl, Happily Ever After, Fame, Timeless Vow, Peri Me

L to R: Poetry, Flower Girl, Peri Me, Timeless Vow

These are holographics with contrasting shimmer. Poetry, which is lighter and purpler than Black Orchid, has magenta shimmer, and the other three have goldish shimmer. I'm very excited about these four!

L to R: Ice House, Paradox, Fame, Happily Ever After

The two on the left are new Ultra Chrome Flakies! Paradox is my favorite of the two, but I'm wearing Ice House today to swatch and it's such a gorgeous metallic blue shifty thing! The other two are pretty interesting as well! They are holographics with silver flake microglitter mixed in. Actually, the flake glitter in Fame is not quite silver- it's more yellow, and you'll see that in macro later.

L to R: Hush, Hush (H), Abundance (H), Mega (S)

Hush is a new teal-to-indigo multichrome with gold at the edges, and Hush (H) is the holographic version! Abundance (H) is one of my surprise favorites here (after swatching). I'm just ga-ga for it, but I never had the original Abundance- any of you that do, let me know how you like it!

Mega (S) is the third version of Mega, and I believe the 'S' stands for 'scattered,' but I could be wrong. I know that the original Mega was supposed to be %100 spectraflair pigment, and Mega (L) is a more linear version with smaller particles. I don't have either to compare, but from pictures the holographic particles do seem more scattered. I would still classify it as a loose linear holo, though.

Up close:

ILNP- Flower Girl:

See the gold shimmer?!

This is one of the glitters, ILNP- Fame:

ILNP- Peri Me:

ILNP- Hush (H) and ILNP- Paradox:

ILNP- Timeless Vow:

This subdued grey-green holo with gold shimmer is another one of my favorites!

ILNP- Fower Girl and ILNP- Abundance (H)

ILNP- Hush:

ILNP- Poetry (ILNP- Happily Ever After in background):

Ready to take a look at the Holographic Ultra Chrome Flakies?

There are fifteen of these, and they were totally difficult to fit in the frame together! Thirteen are holographic versions of the original Ultra Chrome Flakies, and the other two are Ice House (H) and Paradox (H), holo version of the two new Ultra Chrome Flakies you just saw above!

L to R: Brilliance (H), Rapture (H), Success (H), Open Fields (H)

L to R: Gaia (H), Supernova (H), Cold Fusion (H), Ice House (H)

L to R: Luna (H), Atlantis (H), Paradox (H)

L to R: Electric Carnival (H), Neon Rosebud (H), Phoenix (H), Metropolis (H)

I don't own the original, non-holo Neon Rosebud, but holy cow I was impressed by that one in particular of these four! Beautiful in person!

I have a select few macro bottle shots of these guys for you too!

ILNP- Brilliance (H) with ILNP- Rapture (H) in background:

The weird white stuff is holo particle...particulate that is stuck to the inside of the glass. I don't think it'll affect performance in any way!

ILNP- Open Fields (H) with ILNP- Gaia (H) on right:

ILNP- Supernova (H) with ILNP- Cold Fusion (H) on right:

ILNP- Ice House (H):

ILNP- Paradox (H):

ILNP- Atlantis (H):

ILNP- Phoenix (H):

ILNP- Neon Rosebud (H):

ILNP- Electric Carnival (H):

Have you had enough eye candy?? I realize this post is a bit of a tease, and people are already clamoring for swatches on Instagram. But, this is a ton of polishes people, and I do take a lot of care to maintain quality and color accuracy. It's not an instantaneous process, and I'd rather do a good job than a rushed, sloppy job.  :)

I will tell you right now that I've already photographed swatches of every polish in the Spring 2015 set, so those are definitely coming- in two parts!

I think I'll be treating the the Holographic Ultra Chrome Flakies a little differently though. I won't be doing full manicure/ hand swatches of them. Instead, it'll be nail macros (with accompanying bottle/ brush macros), and maybe a nail art look. Sound good?

These two collections will be available for pre-order March 6th on ilnp.com.

I'd love to know what you think!
Which of these are you looking forward to the most??

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.


  1. Ummmmm jealous time A MILLION!!!! This is sooooo amazing! ILNP is one of my absolute favorites and I am so stoked you are working with them because your shots are just absolutely STELLAR!!!! Kudos do you! I can't even list the amount of these I want, there are too many to name, but I guess it's a good thing I put ILNP gift card on my birthday wishlist!!!

  2. GAAAAAAH!!!!! Those holo flakies are amazeballz! How to choose?

  3. Haha! We pretty much had the same face upon the arrival of these polishes!

  4. I don't have any advice there, haha! They are all beautiful!

  5. I know!! Too much beautiful rainbow in this mail-time, that's for sure!! Thaaaank you for the compliments! <3 I hope you get some ILNP for your birthday- it'd be well-deserved!

  6. This post is epic, it makes me want to weep with joy :D