February 6, 2015

Mail-time: ALIQUID Lacquer Gloss 48 Exclusive Polishes!

Hello! It's Friday! I don't know about you, but I'm personally pretty thrilled about that! Today, I've just got a mail-time for you with some bottle shots toward the end!

Here's Ham:

A box!

I thought since he's so gung-ho about high-fiving lately, we might as well incorporate it into the mail-time photos!

He actually makes some hilarious expressions when he's thinking about doing it, but hasn't totally committed yet:


...there we go!

Next, I guess we have to work on eye-contact, because he tends to follow whatever hand he thinks the reward is in. I haven't really bothered training him out of that. It's also hard with a giant camera in front on my face!

Well, let's get to the mail, shall we?  Recently ALIQUID Lacquer released six Gloss 48- exclusive shades- four of which I found myself unable to resist! For a week, these polishes were on sale for $9 instead of $11, which is when I snagged them! I'd never heard of or ordered from Gloss 48 before, but they are geared toward indie brands, and the whole deal was actually a very good experience! Would recommend!

They are still available here, for full price, if you are interested! The other two in the set which I didn't pick up are holographic! They look beautiful, but I'm kind of on-and-off with holos in general, so I decided to check out the others!

I ordered these polishes on Jan. 26th, and this box arrived on Feb 3rd- so, a little over a week:


I thought the handwritten note was a nice little touch for the presentation!


So the polishes were all individually bubble-wrapped, but were kind of loose inside the box. That's acceptable, but not the best, since there's still room for them to bounce around in there. Still, everything arrived intact!


left to right: Egeria, Feronia, Carmenta, Angerona

They are purdy! (Understatement of the month?!) Obviously Egeria photographs super well, but in the bottle Feronia doesn't! It's got the most lovely gold shimmer and larger gold flecks in it, though!

I really can't wait to show you guys swatches, but you'll have to be patient with me. I've already painted them onto swatch sticks...and, yea, they are pretty much amazing! I can't pick favorites, really, but I'm probably already leaning toward Angerona or Carmenta, which are the two I was most drawn to initially!

What do you think?
Did you pick up any of these Gloss 48 exclusive ALIQUIDs?
Have you shopped on Gloss 48 before?

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