January 28, 2015

Mail-time: Zoya Naturel Satin Transitional Collection!

Hey everyone! Today, I just have a quick mail-time and some bottle shots to share with you!

This is, of course, the new Winter-to-Spring transitional collection from Zoya called Naturel Satin. They have a new not-matte / not-glossy finish that Zoya is just describing as "a hybrid between matte and glossy polishes"..."not intended to be worn with a top coat."

Here's Hambone!

We had a hard time getting this shot because his newest trick is "high five" and he likes to offer it whenever/ wherever. So, he kept smacking the polishes down, and to be honest I was a little frightened for their safety, lol!

"Just give me those carrots, woman."

Many carrot pieces were had that day. (And pleeaaaase, disregard his nails. They horrify me too, but I actually just clipped them- his quicks are really long. (Also the wide-angle tends to exaggerate them. Don't judge me!))

Time for some bottley goodness!

These have the same frosted bottles and matte caps that Zoya's Matte Velvet polishes do.

left to right: Rowan, Sage, Tove, Leah, Brittany, Ana

I really think they are a refreshing color palette- especially if you're in the mood for pastels! I'll be swatching these today, but photos probably won't be ready until next week. I do already have some nail art posted on Instagram using the Naturel Satins, though!

These are availble now at Zoya.com, and retail for $9 /ea

*Disclosure: polishes in this post were provided to me as press samples for honest review, and all opinions are my own.


  1. Can't wait to see swatches from you!

  2. Eeeee I'm so excited for these! And his nails look completely fine; one of my dogs has very long quicks too; we call him a little train sometimes because you can hear him clickity clacking along ^.^

  3. Uiiiiii, so much bottle porn <3 Thanking you kindly Cait.

    Hambone is too cute as always.

    Looking forward to posts with these, especially Tove and Sage as they look super interesting!

  4. Lol bottle porn, that is perfect

    Love all the pix! But if Ham has mastered high five, the bottles are in danger...what a terrible dilemma...cute dog+polish pix, at the risk of innocent polishes.... :O

  5. Dangah! High-five whirling dervish!! :D

  6. You are welcome! Those two are the most interesting, but surprisingly not my favorites (I think...lol!).

  7. Phew- I am done photographing them! They seem nice!

  8. Haha, I know the clickety-clack well! Quicks should actually recede if you cut them back close to the quick every 2 weeks, but we missed a session or two over the holidays so it's like starting all over again- ah!

  9. Ugh, I know it! I used to be able to do them myself, but he's gotten so wiggly about it I have to take him to the vet to get it done! >.<