January 7, 2015

Mail-time: Picture Polish from Nail Polish Canada!

Howdy guys! Here's a quick mail-time from last Saturday!

This order is from nailpolishcanada.com, and if you didn't know shipping to the US is free for orders over $50 via UPS (and $12 for orders under $50). Within Canada, shipping is free for orders over $25! I think that's a pretty great deal either way, and in my experience, shipping to the United States is usually surprisingly fast!

Here's Ham!

As you can tell, I was too excited to save the unboxing process for you to see (bad blogger!).


Cyan, Paris, Moscow, Douceur, Never Nude

More bottle shots!

left to right: Cyan, Paris, Moscow, Douceur, Never Nude

It feels like I've pined for most of these particular shades for a while! I was on a no-buy preceding and during the Holidays, so it was really thrilling to receive polish in the mail again. I am a nerd!

I was a little on the fence about Cyan, but in person it's beautiful...that microshimmer- ah! I think I will love it on my nails. I've already worn and swatched Moscow, so that is coming. And I just have to mention that, as a huge fan, I am never able to pass up a polish that references Arrested Development!

Have you tried any of these Picture Polish shades??


  1. Nice purchases from Nail Polish Canada. That site is awesome!

  2. You kill me with your bottle spam! I still really really really want to try some Picture Polish out! I'm on a no-buy at the moment, but trying swapping for the first time. Maybe I'll be able to swap for it!

  3. I'm beyond excited to see your swatches of Douceur and Never Nude! Sidenote - Ham's rainbow collar is way cute <3

  4. Is Ham's rainbow collar new? Like Squeaky Nails said, way cute!
    I love me some Picture Polish! Although at a very late (so late it was early) hour today, I decided I needed to apply Bette, which is a blue holo (reissue of Ozotic 617). I had the oddest time, even on the second and third coats it was dragging/balding itself badly. I ended doing four coats and it looks fine, but I was baffled, like did I suddenly forget how to apply polish? Ah well! As much polish as I have, I can't even really repeat my super favorites, it's always on to the next untried! (Yes somebody has a problem...*whistles innocently*)

  5. Isn't it?! I'm having a hard time staying off of it!

  6. Muahaha! Man, you should try PP, though, after your no-buy ends- or swapping! They have all been such high quality so far!

  7. Aw, thanks! <3 i just wore/swatched Never Nude, and LOVED it. Douceur is next, and maybe I will put them in the same blog post, now that you've mentioned it. They seem to go together!

  8. Thanks, it is! It is from a seller on Etsy, Pugs2Persians. We love it!

    Bette is pretty. I don't know how I don't have that one yet! A lot of those holos with really dense/ strong holo seem to drag like that, seems like to me. :/ Nfu Oh 65 does that. Also, LOL I am on the same page with you as far as Untrieds! It's endless!