January 14, 2015

Mail-time: ILNP Ultra Chromes & Some Holos!

It's mail-time, and I've been bad, so there are a couple more of these posts in the near future!

Here's Ham. I'd already opened the package in my excitement, so I just gave the bottles to the Ham-dragon to hoard:

Carrot excitement/ mania begins to set in:

Can you tell how psycho he is for food? It still amazes me! (And it's a great quality in a dog, IMO.)

Hamdragon guards the preciousssss:


I ordered three of the new Ultra Chromes as well as three holographic polishes that I'd been craving for a while!

Let's just stop and take a moment to appreciate ILNP's packaging redesign! It's absolutely stunning, right down to the smallest details:

I'm loving the new square bottles with the pretty flange on the bottom! I think they are very classy-looking, and I'm a sucker for square bottles anyway because 1) they are way easier to store next to each other space-efficiently, and 2) they are much easier to photograph since you're trying to get the focal point on a flat surface instead of a curved one, especially when low depth of field is concerned! That makes my job a lot easier!

They still have the beautiful color-coded label on the bottom:

The front is very simplified with a clean-looking "ILNP boutique nail lacquer" in place of the old round logo with the heart:

There's also beautiful new branding on the top of the cap! (By the way, the caps are still that soft, rubbery-feeling material as before.)

Okay, do you like the new packaging as much as I do? I am a sucker for pretty packaging/ design, and I'm not afraid to admit it!

Bottles out of their boxes:

Look at the beautiful labels! I love how the Ultra Chromes have two-toned color schemes which attempt to capture the dominant shades in each polish, while the holos just have a single,  near-matching color!

left to right: Luna, Electric Carnival, Phoenix, Black Orchid, Iconic, Music Box

Electric Carnival (front) is the Ultra Chrome that most people are spazzing out about, so I'm stoked to try that one in particular!

Since there will be more bottle shots of the Ultra Chromes in their [upcoming] swatch post, here's a closer look at these three holos:

left to right: Music Box, Iconic, Black Orchid

I'm admittedly late on the Black Orchid bandwagon, but that doesn't mean I haven't been admiring it intensely from afar...and now it is miiiiiiine! Muahahaha

A swatch and comparison post of the three Ultra Chrome Flakie polishes is coming Friday, so stay tuned! I'll probably swatch the three holos at some point as well, although they are not a priority at the moment- there's a lot of other stuff in the pipeline!

What do you think?
Have you tried any of the new ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakies?


  1. While the flakie craze has definitely run a bit rampant, I'm still quite the fan of their holos! You will love all three of those. Iconic and Black Orchid were on my best of 2014 lists and for good reason! I have Music Box coming in the mail (just ordered last night actually, there goes that no-buy, what no-buy?!?!) and am just consistently impressed with the quality of ILNP polishes.

  2. Great Ham pix! Loving the pix of the polish too. I should break out Music Box...I never was able to decide on which flakies to buy, still mulling that one over....

  3. They all look absolutely gorgeous!!! And don't worry about being bad, I'm right there with you. I bought TEN RBL polishes the other day (granted it was a 60% off sale, but still...). And Ham looking dapper as ever! <3

  4. Ummm Ham is super freaking adorable. All of these polishes look so amazing!

  5. It's official: I am in LOVE with your DOG!! He's so freakin' precious I can't stand it! LOL! Thank you for sharing his sweet mug with us:). I just ordered a couple of the Ultra Chrome Flakies for myself and a friend so I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait to hear your thoughts! And oh, yes, GIRL...THAT BLACK ORCHID IS THE BUSINESS!!! Ya did good picking that one up:). Thanks so much for sharing XOXOXO

  6. Thanks! A good mail day= a good day. :)

  7. I right there with you on the flakie craze running rampant....but I still like them! I'm excited to see how you like Music Box...very pretty in person! And, LOL no-buy. I think I need to put myself on a perma-low-buy, but it's hard...there's soooo much out there that needs swatchin'/hoarding!

  8. Thanks! :D Yea, I mulled it over for a while too! A lot of them do look fairly similar...

  9. Well, hey, it was a sale!! And, thank you!

  10. Hehe, I will tell him you said that! :) Thank you!

  11. LOL! Ham does have his moments, thank you! I am reaally excited about Black Orchid because it is right up my alley...can't wait to wear it. :)

  12. Awww Ham is SO adorable!! I love seeing him here or on IG :) Have you painted his paws? That'd be fun (my pon won't sit still enough to even try hah hah). Awesome nail mail, I'm waiting to get paid from my first full time job to go insane and buy ALL THE POLISHES (and stamping plates, heh).

  13. I haven't had a chance to grab any of the new packaging yet, but I have some of those colors and I lurrrrve them. Also, Ham is such a ham! :) Love him too!

  14. Haha, it's true. I didn't even realize what I Ham he was until a while after I renamed him. Just worked out! :D I just wore Black Orchid the other day on my cinderella hand, and it was pretty much amazing!

  15. Haha, I just saw this comment for some reason! I haven't done his paws lately, but I should, right? Really need something super quick drying for that, though! I hope you have fun on your epic insano polish acquiring!! ;)