January 19, 2015

Mail-time: China Glaze Road Trip Polishes for Spring 2015!

Howdy everyone! Today I have another mail-time to share! I hate posting them so close together, but I'm almost done with my first batch of swatches for these polishes, and that post needs to go up...but the mail-time needs to go first! So, here we go!

Ham has begun to luuuuurve mail-time, and runs right to the spot when he sees me gather a package + my camera:

The funny thing is, carrying neither the package nor the camera alone will trigger that response! But the package and the camera together? He is ready to receive foods into his gullet! Dogs are clever.

I received a pretty large box from head2toebeauty.com, which arrived quickly!

44lb canine friend for scale:

Good dog.

Let's open'er up!

What's this?


Honestly, I'm not typically one to surrender to the throes of cuteness where stuffed animals are concerned, but this just made me go 'awwww' for some reason!  Its little arms and legs are sort of articulated!

Total contents:

If I'm purchasing polish from an etailer, I usually take the opportunity to stock up on hand creams, since they tend to be cheaper this way. I go through them so quickly, it doesn't hurt to have backups!

This time, I thought I'd try the original Triple Lanolin formula....which I think I've used in the past, just in different packaging. I also picked up a cocoa butter creme by the company to try out. So far, it doesn't smell great, but the texture is nice!

Polishes unwrapped! I couldn't resist arranging these China Glazes into a rainbow:

This isn't the entire set, by the way. There are a total of 12 shades in the collection, and two (Boho Blues & Pinking Out the Window) which look lovely, but I didn't pick up since I thought they were more dupable than the others.

Bottle shots:

Now, I broke them down in to generally warm and cool groupings, since that's the way I'll be presenting the swatch blog posts. (There are really just too many to do in one post!) I really wanted to split them 5 in each set, but it just didn't work out that way. The two light peachy-pink colors needed to stay together. So 6 and 4 it is!

Warmer colors:

left to right: Trip of a Lime Time, Sun's Up Top Down, Pop the Trunk, I Brake for Colour, More to Explore, Pack Lightly

Cooler shades:

left to right: Wanderlust, Dashboard Dreamer, My Way or the Highway, License & Registration Pls

Extra bottle shots, 'cuz:

I really am liking the looks of these! I think they are so refreshing for Spring, and they make the most lovely color palette all together!

I've already done some nail art with them in this Nailed Kit review, and I have an upcoming gradient look which I gave you a sneak peek of on Instagram! As I write this, I'm wearing yet another gradient I made with these babies, but I've yet to photograph it! So yes, apparently these polishes were very conducive to nail art for me!

What do you think?
Are you excited for this collection?!


  1. Very pretty post! I love neatly arranged pics and nail mail! Can't wait to see swatches. I've been going back and forth on getting a few of the shimmers

  2. Nice to see! Some pretty colors in that collection from China Glaze.

  3. I'm liking them so far, but the shimmers are soooo subtle, so don't get them if you want a real shimmer finish!

  4. I just discovered your blog and I am so happy I did! You have the most beatiful photographs and your dog is also so cute! :)