January 9, 2015

Color Palettes: Winter [Nail Art]

Hey guys, happy Friday! Hoorah! Today I've got the next edition of "Color Palettes" to show you. These are just skittles which showcase seasonally appropriate color themes. Mostly just a way to wear a bunch of polishes all at once, to be honest! If you missed the first [Fall] edition, it is here.

I decided on a cool-toned, pastel-inspired color palette with a bit of texture and glitter to break things up! I'm pretty happy with this manicure, aside from the pinky nail. I love Zoya- Neve, but I don't really like the diagonal taping there. I should have done another v-shape moon thingy instead.

Polishes used:

Clockwise from left:

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Polar Bare
Picture Polish- Eerie
Zoya- Neve
Zoya- Nyx
Zoya- Blu
Formula X for Sephora- Freaky Like Freud 
Nubar- White Polka Dot

I layered Nubar- White Polka Dot in between SHCSM- Polar Bare (jelly) to make a jelly sandwhich on the index finger. That nail has about 7 coats of polish, including top and base, so it's a little thick, but I do like the look of it in person. I wish more of the big white hexes in White Polka Dot would have made it to my nail, though.

The glittery taped shapes on the middle nail and the pinky are Formula X for Sephora- Freaky Like Freud, which I've done no photographical justice here, really. It's incredibly sparkly and rainbow in person, and is a fairly opaque glitter. (That is one coat.)

Outside, shade:


What do you think?

What nail colors do you like to wear in Winter?


  1. This is all pretty but especially your middle finger, wow!

  2. These nails look great! I just love how each color works and compliments each other here.

  3. These are so beautiful! You have such a knack for creative on-theme skittles! Your thin triangle on the middle finger is PERFECT!

  4. Thanks!! I wish I's had the foresight to do that to the pinky too!

  5. Thank you! It was fun to pull a bunch of polishes and then narrow it down. :)

  6. Wow, it kinda is! I think the OPI has A LOT more of the smaller glitters mixed in though, which looks better to me!

  7. Thank you! It was for sure the most fun nail to do!